Sunday, January 12, 2020

Lincoln Center (NYC)

When Lincoln Center was built in New York decades ago, it was poorly-planned. The Center, which is large and houses many buildings, was isolated from the neighborhood in which it resides. People didn't feel invited to visit or even walk through the Center. The only visitors were patrons going to cultural shows.

That's changed. A few years ago the Center's management hired smart architects to re-design the place. They did a fabulous job. They made the Center more open and inviting. Now, you can easily access it and there are about eight comfy places to hang out, like coffee-shops, restaurants and even a grassy park (built on an intriguing upward angle).

Having learned about the re-design from a documentary, I visited the Center yesterday. I was in New York to drop off my motorcycle for repair. I found the Center delightful, plus I watched a movie at their non-profit cinema ("Invisible Life," reviewed in the prior post).

I'll definitely be going back!


  1. Fantastic that you were able to watch the movie you loved for free. I've never visited. I need to rectify that the next time I'm in NYC.


  2. Been there in 2011...would love to visit again! Thanks for your comment on my blog, I am back and hopefully posting more often as I used to! Many kisses

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  3. It looks amazing and I'm intrigued by that park! xxx

  4. Oh, great, now I have to come to NYC again to see this! ;-P