Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Watkins Glen

Visiting Watkins Glen last year, I was gobsmacked by its natural beauty. I took Robin there this weekend to show her how wonderful the place is. We camped in the State Park which was Robin's first time sleeping in a tent since her teenage years in the 1800's.

We also visited a nearby town (Corning) which is full of glass art stores and a famous glass art museum. They had a holiday street fair going on with lots of nice offerings, some of which came home with us.

What did you do this long holiday weekend?


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun in this beautiful place. Although better you than me in that small tent. I like to stand up at least in a tent!
    xo Jazzy Jack

  2. What a gorgeous place! Glad you two had such a great weekend in the outdoors. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. That looks amazing! As a fellow non-camper, I chortled over the "1800s" as Robyn's last camping trip! Great to see pics of both of you!

  4. I've seen pictures of Watkins Glen, that place is gorgeous.

  5. Our long weekend was the weekend before. That's when we were in Houston.

    You managed to get some great photos again.

    How did Robin like camping? I'm a firm "glamping" only kind of gal now.


  6. Gorgeous! I went hiking as well and hope to post some pictures later this week.

    It was so nice to be out, relaxing in nature.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  7. On again...off again...on again...seems to be the story of the 50th anniversary of Woodstock scheduled for August in Watkins Glen. Last I heard they have new backers and some of the original 1969 artists...or what is left of the groups...will be there.
    Bigger than Woodstock was The Band's 7/28/73 concert at Watkin's Glen which boasted a crowd of 600,000. I think that my son and his girlfriend are planning to attend since it is almost local to them.
    Seneca Lake is beautiful and I hope you had a chance to visit a few wineries that populate the area.
    This weekend we visited the New Jersey Vietnam Veteran's Memorial and Museum. It is at mile 117 of the GSP connected to the PNC. It was very moving and more than worth a day trip from LI. Find a nice day for a ride and treat yourself to a memorable, sad and moving trip back in time. Even though it was my era and I lived through it I learned a lot.

  8. What an absolutely stunning place, no wonder you were gobsmacked. Hope Robin loved the camping. I too had a little chuckle when I read she hadn't gone camping since the 1800's :-) xxx

  9. Stop it, this place looks absolutely amazing! I'm kind of jealous!

  10. What gorgeous natural splendor! We mostly stayed in while Tennessee broke 3 heat records for this time of year. We're expecting a week of rain though so I'm hoping to enjoy outdoors a little more when it cools off

  11. Awww, what a fun trip! LMAO! I hope Robin doesn't read your blog, or if she does, that she has a good sense of humor (with your "hasn't slept in a tent since she was a teenager in the 1800s." LEGIT nearly spit out my water with that one!). I feel like I visited Watkins Glen for a Phish show, but way too long ago! I need to go back :)

  12. It definitely looks like such a tranquil place. I love nature so what a great location. I am looking forward to camping soon.

  13. What a glorious place to take Robin to! I love the beautiful rock formations and the water the way it spills down! Looks beautiful!x