Thursday, May 2, 2019

Louie Armstrong

Louie Armstrong is someone you should know. Not only did he revolutionize jazz, he invented improvisation and scat singing. He became the music industry’s first international pop star -- and for good reason. His music makes us happy! You can't listen to it without smiling.

I'm serious. No matter how blue you are, put on the record shown below and you'll start dancing around the house in your underwear. The joy is infectious.


  1. Dancing is only part of his range. Can you listen to "What a Wonderful World" without both crying and smiling?

  2. I pretty much grew up listening to jazz, and vintage Louis Armstrong was a particular favourite of my Dad's. We even played some at his funeral, and I can assure you there wasn't a dry eye as well as lots of laughter. Do you know the album Louis Armstrong plays W.C. Handy? That was my Dad's all-time favourite and I'm often playing it in his honour. xxx

    1. Yes, that's a classic. Thanks for the nice anecdote.

  3. Agreed, I always Loved Satchmo and still his Music is Timeless!

  4. You are so right Ally … He has a voice that you cannot help singing along with and smiling to!