Sunday, May 12, 2019

The Power of Names

Blues musicians have the best names in show-biz. True fans know their real names, many of which are as amusing as their stage-names.

Do you know the real names of these greats? (Answers are below)

1.  Muddy Waters
2.  Howlin Wolf
3.  Big Mama Thornton
4.  B.B. King
5.  Hound Dog Taylor
6.  Lead Belly
7.  Memphis Minnie
8.  Guitar Slim
9.  Peetie Wheatstraw
10. Little Walter

1.  McKinley Morganfield
2.  Chester Arthur Burnett
3.  Willie Mae Thornton
4.  Riley King
5.  Theodore Roosevelt Taylor
6.  Huddie William Ledbetter
7.  Lizzie Douglas
8.  Eddie Jones
9.  William Bunch
10. Marion Jacobs

What would you call yourself? I wanna be Blind Lemon Johnson.  :-)


  1. I only knew Lead Belly's real name, and that's not even strictly true, as I only knew his surname was Ledbetter ... xxx

  2. I'd call myself Samantha Fish....but oh, that's already taken and that girl can sing the blues!

    I've got a large blues collection. Just love the blues!

    Calie xx

    1. Happy to hear. Blues music deserves a wider audience.

  3. Wow, you picked a great name. Idk what my name would be!

    1. Play with it. You could be Sweet Pink Cheetah!

  4. I'll be Rhythmic Squirrel!!!x

  5. Howlin' Wolf is one of my favourites - he is so fun to listen to!

    When I shared an office at my old job, my colleague and I went by the nicknames "She-Wolf" and "Mad-Dog" (matching our initials). Ha!