Monday, May 27, 2019


When I started blogging a decade ago I met other bloggers, several of whom became friends. A few became GREAT friends. Geographical distance meant nothing as we followed and supported each others' blogs.

Emma is one such friend. Amusing, smart, fashionable and physically active, Emma is the whole package. She's been a wonderful friend to me and it's fulfilling to watch her grow up.

I rode my motorcycle out to Columbus, Ohio twice to visit Emma and her husband Matt. Emma also stayed at my house for a few days during her last visit to NYC (and saw "Hamilton"!).

Other than fondness, why am I telling you about her? Well, Emma just had an article published in a major magazine about her journey into deep backwoods, armed with nothing but a tent and courage. Conquering her fears of feral swine and falling trees, Emma hiked and camped alone. It's an inspiring tale of a young woman facing challenges. The article is here.

For additional amusement, here are some funny photos of Emma over the years...

That's my bike Emma is posing on!

Emma with her hubby, Matt


  1. I am too chicken to go camping into the deep backwoods by myself.

  2. Hooray for blogger meet-ups!!

  3. I've met so many good friends through blogging. I have gotten to meet several too.

    Congrats to Emma for her article being published. That's fantastic.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  4. I love how you can form really strong friendships through bonding- Emma is a doll!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  5. Camping is a very courageous thing! I respect it. But it's not my jam.

  6. I love her story--she's inspirational! And kudos to her camping with her courage and feral pigs. What a remarkable woman!

  7. What a lady!!! She should be proud of her achievements! I love that you get to see these lovely blogger friends because you always make an effort! You are a good friend Ally!x