Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Roaring Twenties

Despite the presence of lingering snow on the ground, I was enticed to venture out today by bright sunshine, warming temperature and a new exhibition at a local art museum. The subject of the show is the Roaring Twenties, a period similar to our own. I took my trusted racehorse (BMW S1000R), recently serviced and ready for some spirited action.

The Twenties began early -- on November 11, 1918, the day World War I ended. The decade was full of transition, chaos and unpredicted social change. Art and culture evolved rapidly; women got the vote. Countries like ours prospered immensely, without awareness that financial ruin was just around the corner (1929).

Also like our age, "everything seemed feasible through modern technology." Airplanes crossed oceans. Flying and automobiles became available to ordinary folk.

Below are some images from the era that appealed to me today.

The Twenties, a century ago, were obviously before I was born (1957). But I feel an affinity for that time. Surrealism, in particular, speaks to me. We will soon start a new Twenties (2020+) and I suspect it will be equally momentous. The drastic changes we're about to experience (e.g., robotic companions) may be understood by looking back at the last Twenties and drawing lessons from this time. At least I'm trying to do that.

What do you foresee in the next decade?


  1. This is a period I have a certain fascination for, so this exhibition would have enticed me out of the house as well. Thanks for sharing, Ally xxx

  2. Definitely an interesting time period; thanks for sharing all these photos! It will be intriguing to see what comes in the next round of the 20's.


  3. Interesting comparison. I'm not sure we will be as glamorous in the next 20s!
    Robotic companions is a crazy thought. My kids are entering a fascinating world. xo Jazzy Jack

  4. I do like the 20's. I worry about the next few years- plastic pollution, wars and difficulty- Russia causing issues. I think much prayer is needed!

  5. What a lovely exhibition! Hmm I would anticipate self-driving cars will become more realistic..perhaps?

  6. I wish I could be optimistic about the upcoming do we ever know what an era will be like until it's after? I love surrealism, and the changes that post-WW I brought (women loosening up their clothing strictures) - I hope that this new era for us will bring positive change!

  7. I Love the images that you shared from the museum. I also find the comparisons that you make to the roaring 20s to our current times, very compelling. So many intriguing overlaps. I don’t know what I foresee for the near future , but I see so many insidious changes and mixed signals in terms of greed and corruption on one hand, and itnspiiration and hope and embodied by the younger generation. I’ve been reading too much I think. But sometimes I feel like it’s almost like the Roman empire....
    Eek. Somebody sure needs to go for a sunny walk !
    Thanks for this thoughtful post.

  8. My friend Aaron LIVES for the twenties, his car’s name is Gats, he say Gatsby I think four times in theaters. I still have that black flapper-style dress I had back when I was fashion blogging, I wear it to weddings all of the time!

  9. The 20's sound like such a crazy + amazing time- I love the pieces you chose for this post; so interesting!

    Le Stylo Rouge