Friday, March 16, 2018

NYC in March

I rode my BMW S1000R into New York City this morning. The temperature was cold and traffic was awful. But there are delights in the city to compensate for hardship.

I had a nice lunch (lobster bisque; lobster salad) and walked around Midtown. Found some cute sculptures.

Here are pics...


  1. I saw the sculptor who made these crazy dogs!! Fascinating and I’m so glad that you took advantage of the day to take a trip into the city—who doesn’t love a cup of warm soup on a cold day?! Xoxo and hope you have a lovely weekend, sweet friend!

  2. Oh wow, that bunny is a cool one. I think I've seen the dog version before - not in person though.


  3. Those sculptures are pretty neat! And I will eat lobster anything! YUM! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. There is always something interesting to see on any run into the city

  5. Love the sculptures!

    It must be wonderful to be able to head into one of the biggest and interesting cities in the world on a whim.

    What is that space-like thing on your motor glove?


    1. I love living so close to the city and yet not in it. The thing on my glove is my EZ-Pass in a detachable pouch held on by velco-strips.

  6. I'm seconding Suzanne: how amazing it must be to be able to go up to New York on a whim! The lobster dishes look delicious and I'm loving the whimsical sculptures! xxx

  7. I love how you see your dinner and glove as sculptures!
    Have fun riding.
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  8. Yes a trip into Midtown is definitely worth the hassles and noise. And it has been cold and windy, so I feel you. You got some wonderful shots that are very unique to the city. I especially like the sculptures. The food looks wonderful and now I’m hungry !!

  9. I like the sculptures! Very cool!