Thursday, March 22, 2018


Despite a snowstorm we had yesterday it is actually Spring.

When I got home today, I saw these two guys in my backyard. The first one is eating a slice of bread I left out.

Are you seeing any signs of Spring?


  1. No, lol, but we are awaiting the first golden leaves for Autumn. And dailight savings finishes at the end of the month. That always changes things.
    Enjoy your Spring!
    xo Jazzy Jack

  2. Aw! How cute! And we have, surprisingly, started to get some spring weather here.

  3. How cute are they. We are on our way into winter ... and I think it is going to be a cold one as we are having unseasonably high rains. It has rained constantly for the past 24 hours ... only now has it abated for a bit. We are not complaining though with the drought in Cape Town we are just praying that the rainy weather moves that way as they are a winter rainfall area and they need it desperately.

  4. Awww, look at the cuties! I do like squirrels! That one managed the large hunk of bread well!

  5. Squirrels and robins are among my favourites. We have a resident robin in our garden, but we never had any squirrels. That is one hungry guy there! xxx