Saturday, March 10, 2018

Style In Everything

Presentation matters. We don't just eat with our mouths, we also eat with our eyes. Presenting a meal with style enhances the culinary experience.

A few months ago I bought some pretty yellow dishes at West Elm. I didn't realize at the time how much they'd brighten my meals. The attractive color surrounds my food with sunlight. Best of all, the dishes were on sale and remarkably cheap.

Here's my snack for today. Caviar, on sour cream, on Carr's Table Water Crackers. I love the flavor of caviar but its saltiness needs to be cut with something smooth. Sour cream (or cream cheese) serves that purpose. And, for the base, nothing beats Carr's crackers. They're sturdy and make plain taste a virtue. They serve what you place on them without interfering with its flavor.

Do you put any effort into how you present your food?


  1. Badly presented food puts me off in such a way that I can't eat it so, yes, I totally agree that presentation matters. Very much so. Your yellow plates are just perfect! xxx

  2. Presentation always matters! Cheerful plates always make my day :) and good score on the deal at West Elm—I love that store!

  3. I agree, we eat with our eyes. I try to think about balancing color with balancing the meal. I want a meat - starch - veg, but I also consider how chicken and rice on a plate can look very plain, and choose orange carrots or vibrant spinach to jazz things up.

  4. The other day ago I was thinking what if I tried to fancy up our dinners. I try to present our food in a pleasing way, but I've never tried to make our dinner like a top of the line 3-star eatery. However, on Friday I made a quite beautiful citrus salmon inspired by another blogger and I have to say before I took it off the sheet pan it was stunning. :)

  5. Now that is a divine and beautifully plated snack my dear!
    Yes, I am visual, and care as much about how my food looks as how it tastes, and once upon a time in suburbia, I set one ——- of a table !
    Great dishes, love west elm !

  6. Very true, presentation is very important. It really looks yummy.
    Happy week ahead.
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  7. Totally agree, for me, presentation is most important. These look so yummy. Loved the way you have presented them.

    Have a great day!! 💞💕💞

  8. I actually do try to make my meals look good, specially if I am on a diet !

  9. This is one of my favorite meals, I do not cook often therefore I have become a master at preparing meals without cooking, haha =) lazy me :) but I do present them well, always ;)

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  10. I have never had caviar before- but I've been wanting to try it forever! This snack looks so tasty!

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