Sunday, October 1, 2017

Red Hook

Last February I discovered Red Hook, a remote area of Brooklyn that used to be a shipping port. After falling into disrepair over the past century, the town is being reclaimed by young people as a hip hangout. I enjoyed my visit to Red Hook and planned to return. Tonight I had the chance.

One cool thing about Red Hook is its quirky character. You never know what to expect from street to street; many of its sights are odd and amusing. I capture a few of them in the pictures below. My last post has more (here).

I found a terrific new restaurant called Red Hook Lobster Pound. Fresh Maine lobster prepared in dozens of innovative ways. Plus motorcycle-decorations!

Sometimes you don't need to travel far to experience something different.


  1. I Love a good Reclamation Area of Historic significance, they did that in The Deuce here in Downtown Phoenix. Once Skid Row it's quirky Fab Historic Warehouses and interesting buildings from a bygone era are becoming hip hangouts and it's such Fun and so Unique. You can't replicate that in a Modern area, glad some of the Old Hoods are being recognized as significant enough to preserve and revitalize.

  2. Red Hook, and especially the lobster place, sounds and looks like a great place. xxx

  3. The Brooklyn waterfront has been rediscovered and is undergoing a rebirth. It is wonderful

  4. I love funky names too! UNcouth is a great one!!

  5. Looks like a hip and interesting place to visit.


  6. I've never been to Red Hook, but it's definitely on my list after this post. OMG, that Uncouth Vermouth sign totally cracked me up. That's hilarious!

    And Bettie Boop--LOVE her!

  7. Don't you love discovering places like this? Great shots!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  8. What a fun spot, I would definitely do a bit of traveling to get there. Quirky decor, and yum food, a perfect recipe.
    That is what I love about NYC, street by street, everything is a bit different, there is always something new to discover.
    Blog is down for a bit of maintenance, no worries, happy mid week Ally!

  9. Thanks for sharing some more about Red Hook ... You sure do find the most interesting places to share with us.

  10. You know I have yet to get to Redhook. I so want to get here. My grandfather was born there and grew up there and worked his whole life at Todd Shipyards. Thanks for sharing your snaps!

    Allie of

  11. How cool. You never know what you can find until you explore your own area

    1. That's so true. We tend to overlook what's close to us. I like to explore nearby places as if they were vacation-spots and am often delighted.

  12. Ha ! this is a new one. Its incredible how we can continue to discover places without having to go too far from home.