Sunday, October 22, 2017

Getting Old

In two weeks, I turn sixty. Damn. Never thought that would happen.

The irony is I feel like I'm getting younger. I'm fitter, more active and more engaged than anytime in the past decade. Sixty is supposed to be the beginning of the end, a threshold for the inexorable slide toward death. And yet I feel the opposite.

Honestly I've decided to reject omphaloskepsis and, instead, continue on my Benjamin Button path. Today I took out my insanely-powerful sportbike for a thrilling ride along the water. I believe age isn't what matters but how you live. What do you believe?


  1. Happy Birthday in two weeks. Don't worry there's plenty of life after 60. Love Linda

  2. My husband has just turned 70 and he's never felt better, so yes, there is plenty of life after 60! So, do continue on your Benjamin Button path, Ally, and keep on riding that fabulous motorbike, too. xxx

  3. I honestly think my Mum is happier in her 60's than before, despite some health issues. You are as young as you feel!! :-)

    1. You can be happier as you age if you release things that are holding you down.

  4. Come on! Am I the only one who had to look up " omphalowhatsit?"!
    At least refrain from navel gazing on the insanely powerful bike...that could get messy!
    I'm sure life has taken to riding one as well. It sure seems to have sped up.
    But I do agree we can definitely have more fun as we age and lose our inhibitions. I'm so happy you are happy. And happy early birthday!
    xo Jazzy Jack

  5. You're just using big words now cause you think you are wiser than the rest of us ; P

    I agree that aging has changed. I think that now more than ever if you have your health 60 or 70 and beyond don't look like they used to.

    It is only a number after all. We define ourselves.


  6. Age is just a number! I love that you feel so you and active and engaged! Keep it up!

  7. I'm on your train of thought attitude! I think its the best way to go.

  8. I'm still trying to get used to being 50! But yes, 60 isn't so bad - you are healthy and doing what you love, so you'll always be young where it counts (in the head, hee hee).

    BTW, thank you for the amazing card! I love it!

  9. I appreciate that you keep trying to catch up with me but the gap never seems to shrink.

  10. I really believe that age is just a number ... You are younger that a whole lot of people I know who are many years (in numbers) younger than you dear Ally.

    You rock!!!!

    And thanks for the gorgeous card!!!

  11. Happy early birthday,

    My Mamaw turned 100 in September. Living proof there is life after 60 and beyond.

    I think we age as much as we let ourselves. Keep finding joy in life and you will never grow old.

  12. You look fuckin' fantastic (sorry, I just cussed on your blog. It seemed appropriate here). NOTHING to worry about, my friend :) Enjoy this exciting time in your life, and hope you do something fun to celebrate!!