Sunday, October 15, 2017


Cooperstown is a charming little place in upstate New York. Everything there is devoted to the game of baseball. The national Hall of Fame is surrounded by stores and bars dedicated to baseball. The town has also some very good restaurants and hotels which is unusual for the area.

I enjoyed the weekend there. Here are some pics. Did you have fun this weekend?

I was startled by this tangible reminder of our country's shameful history of racial segregation. An exhibit devoted to "Negro baseball leagues" taught me something new -- in the first decade of modern baseball (1880s), African-Americans played with white players. Only after they were mistreated were they hounded out of professional leagues, forced to start their own leagues which lacked money and respect. It wasn't until Jackie Robinson that they were allowed back in.


  1. I have been away on business for the past several days so I did not know about your plan to go to Cooperstown. I would have urged you to visit the courthouse. I have been in 43 of the 64 counties in NY. The courthouse in Otsego County, Cooperstown, is a real gem. If you get there you have to see it. The upstairs courtroom is large and it has stained glass windows. During WWII the windows were removed but the courthouse has recently been restored to its former splendor. There are similar courthouses in Norwich (Chenango County) which has the same design but has retained its federalist architecture and also in neighboring Schoharie County which has recently been restored with a spectacular wood ceiling in the main courtroom.

    If you were there on the weekend I would hope you would have had brunch at the hotel Great views of the course and lake.

    I remember visiting the HOF and for me it was a very emotional experience. Several exhibits had me moisten up with tears.

    On your upstate runs I would recommend visits and meals at the Mohonk Mountain House outside of New Paltz which has a great brunch. I would also strongly suggest the brunch at the restored 1915 restaurant and inn at Bear Mountain.

    Combining baseball history and food at the Bear Mountain Inn you will see the first table fully set up with a single flower, a reserved sign and Jackie Robinson's #42 jersey on a chair. During WWII and for a time thereafter, the Dodgers did their spring training at Bear Mountain. When Robinson came to the team they would not let his eat with his teammates in the main room. Now they set aside a permanent table just for him. No one ever gets to sit at the table reserved for him.

    Happy trails.


  2. I have to admit that I know nothing at all about baseball but then again it isn't as popular here in Belgium, although of course it is being played. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your weekend away - and learned something in the process. xxx

  3. Baseball—I know nothing! My dad is so ashamed lol...I kid. Anyway, this sounds interesting and I would actually really like to visit that museum and learn more about the history of the game.

    Glad you were able to get away!! Xoxo

  4. I love this! So many interesting sights! I've got a friend who is going to NY soon and I hope she gets to see some fun sights!