Friday, October 13, 2017

Another Trip!

In a few minutes I'm riding my motorcycle to Cooperstown in upstate NY. It's a 5-6 hour trip. Normally you worry about October being cold but it's still Summer-weather here in New York.

Tomorrow I'll visit the Baseball Hall of Fame. My parents took me there a half-century ago; I suspect the Hall may have added things since then. :)

While in the region I'll pop into nearby Oneonta, just to see what that town is like. I enjoy saying its name: O-ne-on-ta. Try it -- it's fun!

What are you doing this weekend??


  1. Have fun, Ally! We are being treated to a couple of late Summer days here too. xxx

  2. Have fun! The weather is brilliant for a road trip.

    PS...thanks for my lovely card. That was a great photo you took!


  3. Have an awesome weekend sweet Ally and enjoy those last days of summer.

    We are having a very cold start to our summer here in South Africa ... One part of our country has a severe drought while other parts had torrential downpours which resulted in flooding.

    Today I am meeting my crafting friends where we crochet and knit and eat and chat!!! And tomorrow I will be at my scrapbook table,

  4. so happy for you and even envy a little! i should definitely make weekend trips more often

  5. Hope you are having or had a fun time on your epic ride! It's been lovely this weekend. I had a rehearsal and concert yesterday,house viewing today and then some gardening!

  6. I am writing my final thesis for my second Uni degree thereofore I cannot go out as much as I would want to...enjoy your trip...Lots of love

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  7. What a fantastic shot ! It looks like an aerial view. I love that you take these mini trips. A wonderful way to see and explore new places.
    I am not sure if my comments are being posted, I have been having technical trouble on my site since I changed platforms, and hope it is now resolved. I am really and enjoying your posts.
    Yes, the weather here has been remarkable. Bonus time for travelers!
    ❤️❤️ Elle

  8. I was going to ask if you took your bike! You must love the fact that you are getting in some extra trips with this unusually warm fall we’ve been having. Hope you have fun plans on tap this weekend, my friend!! Xoxo