Saturday, July 16, 2016


There are experiences growing up that, to some girls, are uncomfortable. Like being forced to take dance classes when they have no interest in dance. Or having to wear weird bathing suits. I understand that -- but, to me, those experiences were the subject of dreams. I craved them, all the more for being denied them.

One thing I thought was irresistibly attractive was swim-caps. Rubber caps girls wore when near water. They were almost always decorated in pastel colors and flowery designs. I wanted one like you want dessert. Today, they have a delightfully retro-look.

I found some examples on the Internet. Do girls still wear these? Did you?


  1. These are great photos.

    I must say personally I don't care to wear them, even though they are wonderfully retro.


  2. No, I never wore anything like this. But I did anything to avoid swimming... However, they do look cute for sure, and I do remember some older ladies, my grandma's friends, wearing them.

  3. Lovely pics, and they bring memories of my mom and aunties wearing them in the 60's. They meant we were having fun. xox


  4. I actually always liked these caps!!!! Just for the practical reason of not having my hair dye fade from the chlorine in the pool lolol I might need another one because I just dyed my hair red!!!

  5. I have never worn one but have always loved them.

  6. I've never been a fan (and I'm not sure if you know this or not, but I actually can't swim!) BUT I do love that photo with the rainbow flowers under water :) So pretty!

  7. Well, mine were not fancy and were a torture to wear!

  8. Never ever have I worn a swim cap, but these one are adorable.

  9. Mine was plain, hard to get on because I had so much hair, and worst of all, IT LEAKED!! But these ones ARE cute :)

  10. I do remember wearing these at school. They didn't keep your hair compltetely dry but made getting back to class faster.
    This was the era when our moms got their hair done once a week and spent a lot of time attempting to preserve their "DO".
    Hope you got yourself a couple!!

    1. I want to buy some but they're hard to find.

  11. OMG! I had always wanted to wear a swim cap! LOL. I love the fancy ones with flowers on them. But I don't actually like the way they feel on my head lol.

    I'm actually still fascinated by them. I think they're so freakin cute.

    xo Azu

  12. They are so pretty although I have never had one as I have mostly worn my hair short so no need.

    LOVE all the pictures.