Friday, September 26, 2014

In The Company Of Women

I saw a comedian perform tonight and it was a blast.

A new concert hall opened up in my town.  I noticed in a local newspaper that a young female comedian I know was performing there tonight.  I had nothing else to do, so I went.

The comedienne is Carly Aquilino, who was raised here on Long Island.  She started as a hairdresser to runway models.  Her natural comic talent was soon recognized and she was encouraged to try stand-up.  Less than a year after launching her act, she was given a spot on the TV show "Girl Code."  I love that show: it's a funny description of female culture.  Carly is my favorite person on the show.  She's the one with bright (artificially-) red hair.

When I arrived at the show tonight, I was startled to see that all 400 people in the crowd were women.  I was LITERALLY the only guy there.  I would have fit in better if I'd worn a dress.  And everyone was in their twenties.  Obviously Carly appeals to young women.

There were no women by themselves; they travelled either in pairs or in groups.  I, a guy in his fifties attending alone, could not have stuck out more.  I did admire many of the gals' beautiful outfits and some amazing makeup jobs.  Everyone was playing with their phones and taking selfies.

Carly was hilarious.  She really appeals to this crowd and has natural talent.  She joked about girlfriends, drinking, booty calls, baby showers, texting, sex, sexting and dating a black guy.  She knows how to work an audience and interacted well with the crowd.

Have you ever seen her on TV?  Have you ever gone to a comedy show?


  1. I really enjoy good stand-up comedy. Sounds like this one was worth seeing! I'm not familiar with her but will definitely look her up now.

  2. Glad you had a wonderful evening. I have not heard about her or the show Girl Code. I do love a good stand up comic and have been to a couple of comedy shows here on my side of the planet.

  3. I've never seen her personally, but I love going to shows at Comedy Cellar in West Village. I've seen some of the guys from "Guy Code" performing there, but sadly there is a very small representation of females within stand up--especially at prestigious venues such as Comedy Cellar.

    With regard to comedians in general, have you heard John Mulaney? I think he's hilarious!

    I hope you're having a great start to your weekend!

  4. i went to a couple shows years ago...really fun. I'll have to look into girl code :)

    1. It's a funny show. Light humor that resonates with women.

  5. I haven't seen her, but kudos to you going!! Just because someone's main audience is a certain niche doesn't mean she can't appeal to others. That's the beauty of comedy. If it's funny, it's funny!

  6. I have seen her on girl code which is just hilarious. I love the drawings and footage they show when the comedians talk. I've been to a few comedy shows but never a small one and I don't think ever for a female comic. I guess I need to change that.

  7. I would have loved that!!! Girl Code is the best!!! So funny.