Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day

We've been celebrating Valentine's Day since the 15th Century.  I use the occasion to spread joy -- and cards -- among my friends.

Some people love the holiday; some hate it.  Some don't like to be reminded of the absence of romance in their life.  I don't think we have to limit V-Day to just romantic love with a partner; we can extend it to all those in our orbit for whom we feel affection.  For example, I love you guys and wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day!

How do you feel about this day?  Any special plans this year?


  1. I love it and I love you! Thank you for always including me in your generosity and love of friendship!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day to you as well. My husband and I don't make a big fuss. We usually buy each other our favorite candy and call it a day! Heather

  3. I like Valentine's Day. It's always been more about a day to share the love with friends for me. I still remember being in middle school and a guy-friend of mine bought me a rose (from those 'delivery service' fundraisers schools put on). It was a complete surprise at the time because we weren't super close friends, but I still remember how special it made me feel.

    Since then I've always tried to do little special fun things, send cards and love. It's one of the few times of year I really like getting cards - I think Valentine's cards are often really creative!!

    The DH has really spoiled me in years past by taking me special places to eat or surprising me with a box of my favorite milanos and white roses. I'm always terribly in awe because we're not big on doing the traditional holiday things, but every year he's made a sweet gesture.

    Love doesn't just have to be romantic love - and I really feel so happy this year. I hardly need one day to celebrate it.

    I also take a few moments on Valentine's to remember my Nana (whom I'm named for). It was her birthday.

  4. I was so excited to receive your lovely Valentine's Day gift. One of the many things I love about you is your wonderful generosity and taste!

    I'm afraid I'm not much of a Valentine's Day person, but it is my sister's birthday :) I dunno if the AMP and i will recognize, so much going on with work, college course, busy teens, and a family member with a major illness. My fave gift these days is extra sleep!

    You wife is one lucky lady.

  5. I'm pretty bad with most holidays, except I try to remember birthdays. My husband and I have our anniversary in 10 days, so that's when we celebrate. Then the restaurants aren't so packed!

  6. I love Valentine's day! Even though it's kind of commercial, it's sweet to have an extra day for letting people know you care. (And eat chocolate. LOTS AND LOTS OF CHOCOLATE!) My mom always made it a really special morning by making us breakfast and giving us treats. I've got very good memories of Valentines. :-)

  7. I like Valentines Day but not a fan of it. Usually I have the most active day with my hubby like a long park walk or ride or may be something like museum. oh, and we always buy gifts to each other together :)

  8. We dont do Valentines day and to tell the truth it's a fairly new thing here, I certainly dont remember it being a tradition when I was a kid or even as a teenager. Our wedding anniversary is Feb 10th so we get all the romance out a bit earlier in the week :)

    Doing something special with each other is something we do try to do often .. even if it's just going for a ride for breakfast together :-)

  9. In Finland it's not a very huge deal.. I mean it's not something fancy, and it's not about romance only.. kids remind their buds that they are appreciated by giving cards or messages.. and I will still write emails to my childhood friends :)
    And to my hubby I will get some sweets ...;)
    I guess that's all ^^

  10. I'm right there with you. :) Regardless of my relationship status, I've always enjoyed Valentines Day. I usually make chocolate covered strawberries for my friends, I also love getting the little cheap-y kids cards and passing them out. I prefer to keep it on the light side as opposed to mushy sentiment. No expectations just fun.

  11. I sorta like Valentine's day...even when all I got was a card from Mom. Since it falls on Thursday this year I'll be having little celebrations in my dance classes... as if 8 year olds need any more sugar, but oh well, it'll be fun!

  12. I like Valentine's Day, I do celebrate with my hubby, but I've always made sure to tell my friends and family how much I love them too. Growing up, my dad always made me feel special too - he'd get flowers for my mom, but he'd get flowers for me too.

    My hubby and I will go to dinner this weekend though, it's just too busy to go out on actual Valentine's Day. We'll spend the actual day hunkered down with TV shows and a nice homemade dinner - which can be just as nice!

  13. And may the tradition live on and on. Thanks for posting and feel free to drop by us too when you have time.

  14. love your photos from the previous posts.. you have a good eye for photography!! I would love to visit Manhattan some time.. I havent been to NY so that would be a great trip and is on my list of places to go. Heck... I may be knocking on your door one day to grab you to go for coffee and shopping and sightseeing.. maybe you could even take me for a ride on your motorbike!! That would be totally fun!!!

    hmmm Valentines day. I already have a card for my 'man'. We both always give cards with hearts on them. We may go for dinner but are trying to come up with an idea for something else to do. its always nice to spend the focused time together so I love these kinds of occasions!!!

    How do you usually spend Valentines Day???

    1. A romantic dinner at a special restaurant, with a mushy card, a thoughtful gift and good chocolates.

  15. Um hello, I got the most epic tape dispenser imaginable, so OF COURSE I love this holiday! Usually Kyle and I get heart-shaped mini pizza's, but this year I am having a girl's night and we are off to see The Lion King. I think it is fun to share a day of love with friends :)

  16. I love the holiday. Even when I was single which I am not sure if I ever truly was (I know, bad..) I always looked at this holiday not just to share with a 'lover' but also people you 'love'. For example, my mom and I always exchange valentine's gifts and we always buy each other better gifts than our spouses do. :)
    And now I love looking at every silly holiday from the point of my kids and how excited they get. This one is especially big for my little princess cause everything is pink and hearts and flowers. Totally her. :)

  17. I feel awful
    Just 10 minutes ago i realized that tomorrow is Valentine's day. We've been on holiday due to carnival and I am just realizing that i have nothing planned.

  18. I love it. Today I hid myself away and made DH a card. We don't really do presents, but we make an effort with cards. I send one to my Mum too.

  19. I love you too! Happy Valentine's Day! My dear!

  20. Happy Valentines Day!!! Hope it is a super special day for a super special human being!!!

    I think every day should be Valentines Day! I do however spoil my hubby and son and even my Mom with their favourite candy. Last night when we went out to Sisters Dinner I also spoiled my sisters with a mug with hearts on it filled with liquorice toffees (which we all love).

  21. I agree! Valentine's is for love and I love a lot more people than just my hubs! ;-)
    Happy Valentine's to you!!

  22. Happy Valentine to you too.

  23. I like Valentine's Day, in part because I think it is usually so close to Mardi Gras. I know that it has become much more fun since my daughter discovered Caillou three years ago. Her favorite episodes are the Valentine's ones, and that was the first year we bought her candy, so for the rest of the year whenever she got some candy it was "valentimes". Since she has been in school, we have had fun picking her out her cards and treats to give her friends.

    I also like Eve Ensler's efforts, and especially the One Billion Rising.

    Hope you and your sweetie have a wonderful day!

  24. Happy Valentine's Day Ally! I have tried to post this 3 times via my blogger app on my phone and it hasn't let me do it, so hopefully it works this time!

    Friendship is an amazing gift, thank you for sharing yours and being the wonderful person you are!

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  26. i agree...it shouldn't be just romantic. i always buy little things for the minis, have the place decorated and ready for them when they wake up :)

    overall, don't love it or hate it...just don't mind it. plus how can you resist all the cute hearts and pink and red suff?! haha.


  27. Happy late Valentines Day...! I love this day and I say Pooh! to everyone who disagrees with me. What's wrong with a little love in the world...
    (Everything goes green for a few minutes after I look at your blindingly pink blog :) )

  28. Belated Happy Valentine's Day my sweet friend... I agree, I don't think you only have to spoil that 'someone' special in your life ... I give my children and sisters each a little something too. Hope you got to have fun and were thoroughly spoilt.

    Hugz ... and I loved your comment on my blog!