Friday, February 22, 2013

In The Kitchen

I want an apron.  A frilly, retro-styled apron.  Something nice to protect my pretty clothes when I'm hard at work cooking dinner.  Which is most nights because I like to cook.

At first, I didn't think aprons would be hard to find -- but they are.  I looked for a month with no success.  I tried all of the retail department stores; no luck.  I tried food specialty shops, like Williams Sonoma, and left empty-handed.  The only aprons I've seen are plain and boring.

I found aprons with style at one place, Anthropologie, but they are way too small for me.  I doubt any adult woman could fit into one; they must be for girls.

Do you own an apron?  Do you know where they sell them?

While we're on the subject, I thought I'd photograph today's outfit in the kitchen.  Of course it's too nice an outfit to wear during cooking, but maybe the unexpected juxtapositioning will be interesting.  Here goes...




  1. We have some cool thrift stores here...I'll keep an eye out. I'm in the Way Deep South, so there has to be someplace I might find one.

  2. Shabby Apple often has great retro aprons! My mom made mine, and I have another that was my grandmother's that she made as well. Maybe you should take up sewing... Twitter tells me you had a rough day... sewing will either help or hinder that!!

  3. Get thee to etsy!! If there's anywhere to find loads of cute aprons, you'll find them there. I have one, it's halloween witch themed, but also has a 'batgirl' feel to it imo. It was a gift, but one I use frequently if I'm frying bacon or mixing up messy foods.

    Love your lovely purple dress - and fantastically printed kitchen flooring!

  4. I think you should check out etsy - if sizing is an issue, I know a lot of sellers are open to customizing or making changes.
    Here are a few cute ones I saw:
    Such a pretty dress - you're dressed for going out to dinner vs cooking it. ;)

  5. That dress is stunning on you, Ally! The blue is the perfect colour and the cut is wonderful.

    My favourite little downtown boutique carries those aprons. I want one too!

  6. I've noticed retro apron patterns are gaining in popularity lately - maybe making or having one made might be the answer? They're super fun and easy to make.
    Love the blue of your dress, and that style is very flattering!

  7. Dear Ally, etsy is your friend and - potential - savoir on this quest. :) I've not bought any repro aprons there, but have seen and swooned over oodles (and occasional included them in my blog posts).

    Here are some etsy listings (I'm not affiliated with any of these sellers, I just adore their offerings) that might be just what you're looking for.

    Have a fantastic weekend!
    ♥ Jessica

  8. Bust out the sewing machine! Retro apron patterns are available through all the major pattern companies (Simplicity, McCall's and Butterick). And they are a great beginner's sewing project. :-)

    I see the patterns all the time, so I thought the style was back in, but you're right. Now that I think of it, I don't think I've seen aprons in stores, especially of a retro style... Hmmm...

    PS I love the colour of that dress!

  9. I cannot cook without an apron.
    You look too stunning to cook.
    I want that dress, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    happy weekend.

  10. I sent my family on an apron hunt for Christmas -- I was hoping for a sweet old-fashioned frilly one too, but I got long cotton full body ones instead. One was in a nice red striped cloth from Williams-Sonoma -- it's practical and clean looking, if not super feminine.

    My MIL says she has a box of aprons in her basement that were her mother's; I'm going to try to get those out next time we visit.

  11. I really ought to wear aprons cause I'm messy. Good luck on your quest. And I love your dress. Great color and style.

  12. That dress suits you so well!


  13. Blue is def your color! Aprons are harder to find than you think--particularly the full ones, not the just the half waist ones. I've had the performing arts center scouring my consignment booth desperately looking for retro ones they need for performances. I was going to say Etsy has the most amazing out of control aprons I've seen, but somebody already mentioned it :)

  14. That's a gorgeous dress and very flattering! I work at a Senior Center thrift store one day a week as a volunteer and I will be keeping an eye out for a frilly apron just for you. I think thrift stores would be the best place to find them. Or a vintage shop. This generation we're in now just don't appreciate aprons enough. Maybe it's because our country's clothing has gotten so casual.

    I'm going to keep my eye out for you. This give me a little challenge. ;)

  15. If you've ever wanted to get into sewing, aprons are a great project to start on. They're very simple to make.

    I always use an Orla Keily for Target apron. It's a beautiful green pear print. They don't sell them anymore, but you can sometimes find them on eBay.

  16. first off you look beautiful in that dress!

    now onto aprons, i dont know if you have a store called faces where you live but they sell really cute aprons, and things are usually priced $40 and under.


  17. Beautiful dress Ally, such a good colour on you. Your kitchen is nice too!

  18. Ally, you have bench space, I'm jealous!

    I use a 70's brown floral full apron - no ruffles (which just get food stuck in them, so impractical), but piped edges and a deep front pocket (useful for pegs, but not in the kitchen).

    As others have already mentioned - hit up etsy. You may even find someone who is willing to do a custom size for you. Or, if there are sewing skills in the family, have a glorious time in a quilting shop picking out fabrics and then suggest how thoughtful a present it would be. Everlasting gratitude and all that :)

    As for your frock - perfect for flambeing crepes at a dinner party. Have I mentioned how I so want to see you dressed as a flapper?

  19. Your dress is amazing (as is your kitchen)! Etsy and/or Ebay - You should have great luck finding something vintage-retro on there.

  20. Life is to short not to dress up! If its fun do it!

  21. My friend got me a really cute apron from TJ Maxx. She says they don't always have them, but the one she got me is a sweet blend of vintage and modern...with lots of frills :)

  22. Wow - i think this is one of my favorite outfits on you.
    and regarding the apron.... think i would try thrift stores, they probably have more realistic sized aprons :)

  23. i've always wanted one, too....definitely etsy! and wish i could look this good cooking dinner, lol!!

  24. eBay! Etsy! My downfalls :P

    Whoa, Ally, super beautiful dress. You look stunning. You could go out and hang with the girls for cocktails and dinner in this gorgeous outfit.

  25. This dress looks gorgeous on you- it's YOU. I like the femme, the flattering and the sophisticated quality to it. Mas, por favor!

  26. Since no one else suggested it, how about etsy? heehee (That was a joke.) I have also seen some really pretty retro ones at TJ Maxx before.

    I have several vintage aprons my grandmother made (the waists are mostly waaaay too small for me), as well as a couple new ones my aunt (her daughter) made from the same pattern (with longer ties that fit me). They are way more country/farmhouse than retro, though, and cover your legs only. We had an apron party once where everyone had to wear one; it was awesome! Hope you find what you're looking for, and I'm sure you will treat us with pictures!

    Gorgeous shade of deep blue. You look so pretty and ready for a formal night out!