Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Favorite Films of 2012

Happy New Year, everyone.

I had this light-hearted post planned for yesterday. It got pre-empted, however, by the sad news of Geoff's death.  It may take me a little while to return to normal.  In the meantime, let's cheer up with fun talk about movies.

Movies are a great part of our popular culture.  I enjoy the full range of film.  Here are my favorites from this year, broken down by category:

1. Favorite Commercial Film: "The Hunger Games" -- Jennifer Lawrence is one of my favorite actresses (since "Winter's Bone") and she carries this movie to artistic and commercial success.  The story is well-presented with talented character-actors shining like gems (e.g., Stanley Tucci; Woody Harrelson).

2. Favorite Independent Film: "Hitchcock" -- Beautifully written and well-acted account of the making of "Psycho," placed in the context of Alfred Hitchcock's long career and marriage.  The film finally casts some spotlight on the often-hidden role Hitchcock's wife Alma played in making his movies.  Helen Mirren will certainly get nominated for an Oscar for this role and she deserves to win it.

3. Favorite Documentary: "The Queen Of Versailles" -- Funny true story about a rich couple (husband in his 70's; trophy-wife in her early-40's) who were building the largest home in America when the husband's business collapsed.

4. Favorite Comedy: "Ted" -- A hilarious romp with the surprising presence of a plot and characters.  Its success catapaulted Seth MacFarlane to critical respect.

5. Favorite Romance: "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen" -- Warm romance between Emily Blunt and Ewan McGregor in a faraway land.  Nicely acted.

6. Favorite Guilty Pleasure: "The Expendables 2" -- A big improvement over the original, this action-flick manages to both spoof the genre while resting comfortably within it.  The movie is worth seeing simply to watch these actors having fun together: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke and Arnold Schwartzenegger.

What are your favorite films from this year?


  1. Ow. I gotta say I'm ashamed of how few films I watched ;o. The best one I saw must be a finnish one, based on a true story about a boy who lived in 1970's in a mall city and wanted to be a rock star. Sounds like a cliche, but it was very well made, it really looked and sounded like the 70's.
    Happy New Year!!!

  2. For last year's words belong to last year's language
    And next year's words await another voice.
    And to make an end is to make a beginning.
    ~T.S. Eliot, "Little Gidding"

    Wishing you joy, love, laughter and magical moments in 2013.

    Happy New Year Ally ... wishing you much joy as you continue your journey of self discovery and hope that there are many more happy moments and experiences in 2013.

  3. I loved Wreck it Ralph, and of course The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey. <3

  4. I love movies too - the best ones we saw this year were the Hunger Games and Argo. I have heard Ted is hilarious, it's on my list for early 2013 here to rent!

    1. Definitely see "Ted" -- you'll laugh like crazy.

  5. I also enjoyed Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. Cranky Ewen MacGregor is adorable.

    1. Yup. That was a side of him I'd never seen before. He's a versatile actor.

  6. Out of your list, I only saw "Hunger Games"... it was a decent flick. I don'y go to movies much anymore, because it's sooo expensive.

    But I did dig deep to see Avengers 3-D... twice! Loved it!

  7. I just saw Ted last night- and it was surprisingly good.

  8. I saw Hunger Games a couple times because, well, I have a huge crush on Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. And I have been wanting to watch the Expendables because, sheesh, who doesn't love mindless action? :)

    Happy New Year!
    ♥ laura
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  9. There were SOOO many good movies this year. Hunger Games was awesome, but the Hobbit takes my top spot. Totally gorgeous, made my Tolkien-fan heart sing. I usually don't do a lot of theater movies, but this year I saw more than I usually do.

  10. I, too loved Hunger Games. I have it on DVD and have watched it a couple of times. I also recently saw Silver Linings Playbook and really loved that one, too. Dark and funny, it made me laugh out loud. Cheers!

  11. The hunger games is my fav by far!
    Happy new year!WIsh you all the best

  12. Great choices, I am a long time Hitchcock fan and loved Hunger games. I recently saw Les Miserables and like it as well.

  13. I wanted to see Hitchcock! I still might. I loved The Hunger Games, but my favorite had to be The Avengers. I also loved Anna Karenina and Les Mis.

  14. Seamed stockings are, unquestionably, one of the most important staples in my wardrobe. I'm terrified of accidentally running (and thus generally ruining) vintage hosiery, so the bulk of the time, I wear modern seamed stockings myself, too. I've not had the good fortunate to try WKD's offering yet, but hopefully I will one day (in the meantime I'll keep buying some nice, budget-friendly versions from an eBay seller in the UK - let me know if you ever want a link).

    I didn't catch too many new releases in 2012, but of those that I did see, I think that Steve Martin's The Big Year stands out as a definite favourite (the subject matter - bird watching - alone makes it a very cool movie), as does Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (again, I really enjoyed the unique topic covered in that film).

    ♥ Jessica