Monday, December 26, 2011

Post-Holiday Roundup

I hope you had a nice holiday. 

Because I was nice and not naughty, I got several presents.  One is a book just published by a leading psychologist who won the Nobel Prize; it is called "Thinking, Fast and Slow."  The book explores how we think and was named one of the Top 10 Best Books of 2011.

Another gift I received is a tin of caviar.  Have you ever had caviar?  This is the real stuff, not low-priced imitation.  Because it costs $3,900 per pound, I asked for only a small amount (1 oz.).  I plan to savor it with great concentration.  You're welcome to come over and try some -- but you better hurry!

I also asked for and received artisanal sausage.  It tastes so good it transcends the category of food.  Rich flavors, like fennel, explode in your mouth and provide sensual delight.  Yumm!

I also got front-row seats for a new Broadway play called Relatively Speaking.  The show is in two weeks; I'll let you know if it deserves the rave reviews it received.

What did you do for Christmas?  Did you get any nice gifts?  Please share!

P.S., Thank you to Wendy for the lovely b/w top and jewelry.  And thanks to my BFF Jen for three bottles of sparkly nail-polish.  You'll see both gifts here on the blog soon!

P.P.S., Oh, and thank you to Alya for the Victoria's Secret giftcard.  Believe it or not, I've never been in VS before, even though there's one in the mall down the block from my house.  Propelled by Alya's generosity, I went in there today -- and spent a fun hour looking at all the lingerie and clothes.  What a pleasant surprise.


  1. Hi!!!! now you got me..I do not know if it was original hahahaha....I think not. was not and many gifts I'm happy for you,
    big hugs, rose jp

  2. Looks like you got a nice batch of gifts!

  3. Ooooh, I'm so happy to hear it made it you - does it fit??!!!! I'm so anxious to know if it fits.

    BTW - I'll have the crackers you can have the caviar.

    Hugs to you dear one ... so glad you were so thoroughly spoilt - you are so deserving of all the love. Mwah

  4. Wow! Sounds like you had an incredible Christmas. And lots of blogger-gifted gifts!

    I received a lot of gift cards this year. But most importantly I got my yearly excuse to go to Victoria Secret (gifted this year by a male friend who didn't know what to get me, I give him major props for going in the girly store to buy the giftcard).

    My mom got me a hat and a shoe calendar (365 days of shoes!). Another friend bought me the most incredible headphones. I got a few clothing related goodies from my grandparents. Not a lot my style, but a couple of things that will probably stay in my closet.

    I spent Christmas Eve with "my boys". We had a meal at Waffle House (the only place open), and stayed in playing You Don't Know Jack.

    Then Christmas Day was spent at various family houses.

    Christmas night, my brother took me out drinking for the first time and we saw Sherlock Holmes 2 again.

    All in all a really excellent Christmas, the best in years.

  5. front row to the play sounds like a great gift! I got a bunch of gym stuff since it's my new 'thing' now - so new sneakers and gym clothes :)

  6. It sounds like "Santa" was very good to you this year! :)

    I'm going to have to check out the book on thinking. Did you ever read "Traffic", the book on the psychology of driving? It was crazily fascinating - at least for this person that commutes 1 1/2 hours a day!

    The Suburb Experiment

  7. Wow, you got a nice assortment of gifts! I am glad to hear your Christmas was merry!

  8. The Audrey book is amazing. Enjoy!

  9. Oh, lovely! I have had real caviar before, and it is a TREAT. Glad you are able to savor yours.

    I got a Kindle, and I am in LOVE.

  10. No gifts (recession darling!). It doesn't make you feel very cristmas-y... In fact your postcard was the only gift I got! And it was awesome! Thanks for being so thoughtful Ally! Lots of love :)

  11. Can't wait to see the nail polish on ya! And props to Alya for the VS card - what a fantastic gift for you!! Now THAT is a whole new wondrous experience.

    I had to enlarge your gift photo and am intrigued by several of them! First, the Cajun humor book...don't know if I ever mentioned it, but lots of hubby's family is Cajun - and very funny! Also, the Malcolm Gladwell book because I read his What the Dog Saw and really enjoyed it a lot. It was on audio and narrated by him, and the whole thing was interesting and made me see things in new lights. And the ginger syrup sounds tasty. Is that a Dilbert thing I spy? Hubs is into Dilbert.

    What I asked for...a new set of red pots and pans and someone to deep clean our house! lol Oh, how my gift ideas have changed since I became an adult and a mama! hehe We got both those things. I also asked for and got a pretty new headband from an etsy store. I asked for a Lime Crime gift cert and didn't get it but did get a little spending money, so it might have to go to that. :) And finally, I asked for a new tattoo from hubs, which I am getting on Saturday. It is in honor of my little J-Bug. :)