Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I've fallen and I can't get up.  Stylistically, that is.

One of my favorite bloggers, Megan, was kind enough to give me two beautiful skirts for Christmas.  Really pretty skirts.  One is a vibrant solid blue that will be easy to style.  The second, a long white polka-dot, appeals to me greatly -- but is resisting my efforts to build an outfit around it.  I'm at the stage where I want to throw in the towel, but I love the skirt and need to learn how to style it.  This is where YOU come in.  :)

Here is the skirt...

At first, I tried pairing it with other black-white items like a striped cardigan.  That was too much graphic black and white, plus the patterns clashed.

I don't want to draw too much focus away from the skirt by wearing bright colors, so I tried a soft yellow with a little black accent.  That's what I ended up with here, but I'm still not happy.  It just doesn't work as well as it should.

I need your help!  Please give me ideas.  You are my fashion-instructors. :)


  1. I really like this, but what about a pair of coloured tights or nude fishnets? The white tights are so...white! That's all I see, when I really want to be looking at that amazing skirt!

    I love how you have mixed the polka dots with the floral and the bright yellow - that is some sophisticated pattern mixing there, Ally! Well done! I like the statement necklace too.

  2. I like the yellow with the skirt for a summery look. This outfit will be wonderful come March and April! You could even swap out the stockings for flirty short socks.

    Do you have tall, dark boots? I think a darker look below the hemline would help ground the skirt for winter. I can't tell if the polka dots are black? In a way, it doesn't matter. You could pair any dark color with this and it would look good. Burgundy, forest green, navy. Maybe a dark cardigan with a ruffly white blouse underneath. The floatiness of the skirt and ruffle would complement each other.

    Instead of a cardigan, a dark vest over a light blouse would expand on the summery vest you've chosen here.

    A grey top would be another choice, although greys are tricky. You have to find the one that doesn't fight your complexion. Since you look so good in yellows and pinks and oranges, a warmer grey with brown undertones might be good for you. Keep some of those nice warm tones near your face with a scarf or necklace. You're already doing a stellar job with choosing great makeup colors to make your skin glow.

    The midi length of this skirt is so on-trend. Megan has some serious style chops!

  3. White tights are usually a mistake. With such a delicate fabric and pattern, opaque tights are too much, I'd go for a sheer nude, a sheer color, or small-mesh fishnets.

    A solid-colored top and/cardigan is a safe bet. I wouldn't use too heavy a fabric, though.

  4. I think you're thinking too hard! I'd love to see it with a pale pink shirt! The dress has great lines and pattern, so going simple on top will keep the attention where it deserves to be!

  5. I love how you've styled the skirt with the yellow vest and floral waistcoat, it really is a lovely shape on you, very elegant and figure skimming. The white tights I'm not so keen on, I'd prefer pink or yellow opaques and perhaps some chunky pink beads instead of the mitchy-matchy black & white ones. x

  6. I'd first suggest using more 'natural' coloured stockings, the white I feel is a litte stark. Maybe an open collared black or white shirt - do the monochromatic kind of look. A simple black or white t-shirt, and a big chunky gold chain, or even the one you're wearing right now :-)
    you're sucha spoilt girl, but you deserve my sweetie.

  7. What a great retro looking skirt! If I was to style this, I would go with a red top, thick black belt, and black heels or knee high boots. There is nothing like a great red, black, and white combo :)


  8. Wow, you guys really came through! Your ideas are brilliant and I can see how they'll work.

    Plus, I accept the criticism about the white tights: I was iffy putting them on but wanted to direct attention to the skirt; ironically, I diverted attention away from it.

    This is like Fashion School and you're my professors.

  9. Love polka dots !

    I think a pair of black tights and maybe a black turtleneck with some nice long pearls... and you are ready for a night out.

  10. Here's what I would like to see. A black top with white polka dots and a red belt. Or a soft pink cardigan and pearls. There are a lot of ways to wear it. I like what you did with it, it looks very spring/summery.

  11. When I see black & white polka dots I always think of the Mini-mouse effect. Do you have a plain solid red or solid black top? I'd do something like black top, polka dot skirt, red tights, black shoes. The yellow top is cute too! But I think the floral might be a little to busy. Floral + Polks dots is on a much higher pattern mixing' proficiency level than I am.

  12. Since you're rocking the yellow, why not try a pale yellow blouse? Or tan or brown even? I'd probably skip the tights, as the length of the skirt is already long. Don't want to be too covered up now, do we? ;)

  13. Hot pink V-neck sweater, belted. Bare legs and red peep-toe pumps. Oh, and a fitted black blazer.


  14. Oooh I actually really like the concept where you were going with this look. Florals are a great mix with polkadots, but I think it's the casualness of the top pieces with the more classic/dressy feeling of the skirt.

    I agree nude tights or bare legs would be more appealing with the stark color of the skirt. I also think that if you did a black blouse, black belt and shoes with some brightly colored tights it could be very chic. I also agree with the monochrome looks and pale-pink with pearls!

    I personally love that tri-colored pink/red New York & Co top, I bet that with a red or pink shoe would look awesome with this skirt. The shapes would play off each other. I don't think the colors would overbear the skirt, just keep the accessories simpler to let the two contrasting pieces play up.

    Or maybe your high neck blouse from your jump for joy outfit? Showing off your arms is a great alternative when you cover your legs.

    Anyway I'm glad you enjoyed your gifts, and can't wait to see how else you decide to style things. It's very exciting to see your fashion forays. They're always very inspiring because you're so daring! Even when you're unsure about something, you still go for it.

  15. Remove vest and tights. Bingo. (If the skirt is see-through, layer another solid-colored one underneath.)

  16. It's a very cute skirt! I would pair the black-and-white polka dot fabric with one other bright, strong, solid color, repeated a fitted top and heeled shoes, with nude-colored stockings, and maybe accents in another related or complimentary color - a scarf, a statement necklace, or a hair ornament. Red and teal immediately come to mind as the "main" colors (you could wear your sparkly red shoes!); orange would go well as an accent color for both of them.

  17. I love the skirt, polka dots are so cute! I'd wear either black or nude colored tights though, maybe a black or other solid colored blouse or sweater and bright colored shoes (red?) for a pop of color. Just a suggestion. :)

    Principessa Gabriella

  18. I'd wear it like a french women would do: with a little red cardi and red lipstick, black shoes and, of course, your perfume.
    Bare legs or nude/fishnet pantyhose.
    And with your best attitude - Nonchalance!

  19. Its Christmas! Wear it with red tights and some kind of black solid top and lots of silver or gold accessories! The holidays is the best time to dress fabulously.

  20. With so much all over print, I would go with some solid color on top. The nice thing about black and white polka dots is that they'll go with any color. Add some more pizzazz with a cute belt, colored tights and some accessories and you're good to go :)

  21. To me, black & white patterns look best with bold, solid colors. Or, if you want to keep it dainty, go for pastel pink. :)

  22. Ooh, it's been ages I visited your blog, sorry!

    I really like this skirt, and now that you're asking... I think I'd wear it with a fitted top or blouse that's polka dotted the other way around - white dots on black. :) And a black blazer!

    Also, a figure-hugging red sweater would look lovely with a little scarf, taking inspiration from 50s sweater girls!

    Enjoy wearing it! :)