Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Friends With Benefits

I am frequently amazed at how kind my friends are.  Seriously amazed.  And touched.

My blogger-friend Emma, for example.  Emma knows my love of petticoats and flouncy skirts so, when she saw something she knew I'd like, she got it for me for Christmas.  This skirt is so spectacular I couldn't even wait a day before showing it to you.  Here it is.

Emma is distinctive not only for her generosity but for the fact that she has the best shoe collection I've ever known.  She has well over 300 pairs -- and they're good ones!  Designer shoes in beautiful styles and colors.  If you like shoes, you should follow Emma's blog.

Also, let me thank Jazmin again -- she gave me this lovely top and funky jewelry.  The colorful necklace and bracelets were fun to play with.

With friends like mine, I may never have to shop again!

Do you ever give or receive clothing from friends?


  1. Oh how fun! I'm glad you finally got a floofy petticoat skirt. And how super awesome it's animal print! You've gotten loads of goodies from other bloggers.

    I have gotten many gifts/swaps from bloggers. Some of my favorite pieces have been picked out by Keely or Sheila.

  2. Nope, I haven't ever gotten any clothing from anyone else. I have given away a lot, but never received.
    Your skirt is just so fun! It looks like a good skirt for twirling around just to feel it against your legs.

  3. AWESOME!! That's so amazing. Love it.


  4. Great and modern ideas!


  5. It looks wonderful on you!! I am so happy that you are happy! You are an amazing person Ally.

  6. Awww that skirt is totally you!! She had an eye out for you! I love how it reminds me of a tutu!

  7. Emma's got you just right, that skirt is so you with the feminine petticoat and sassy animal print. I'm totally spoilt by my blogging pals. x

  8. That skirt is fantastic! As is the friend who picked it out for you. You look good in this look- fun and flirty. I like the edition of the dark vest, for me it turns it into a slight reference to Japanese street fashion and for that, I love you.
    Rock on, dear Ally! the Citizen Rosebud

  9. How very sweet of her :)
    I absolutely adore the skirt, its as girl as girly can get. AND you wear it well :)

  10. I LOVE that skirt. So perfect. Usually they are too sheer to wear on their own but this one is not. What a nice friend and gift.
    I love recieving clothing gifts from my mom. She knows exactly what I would like and I love shopping for clothing for her. My sister is too picky and everyone else I know is not a fun dresser to shop for. I truly enjoyed shopping for my best friend's 8 year old daughter though. And I LOVE shopping for my kids while they still let me pick their clothes.

  11. I have received some amazing gifts from people I met over the blogosphere -- including you! Thank you so very, very much for the Christmas card. I adore it! :) Whenever I get my booty in gear, you will get one in return.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. Girl, your legs are to die for!!!

  13. You paired this so nicely! The pink and white bracelets look so cute. I get stuff from you and it's great. I used to be on a swapping site but people were just stealing stuff or send dirty or ripped clothing so I stopped using the site.


  14. I haven't done a lot of blogger swaps. But my best friends always let me sort through their donation pile before they get rid of things :)

  15. I love that skirt so much, it's adorable! You're lucky to have such sweet and stylish friends. :)

    Principessa Gabriella

  16. So far, I have only been swapping (mostly receiving, really) with Freeda. But I love seeing what people give/get. That crinoline is nuts! I've never seen one like it. Fab!