Saturday, September 24, 2011

We Have A Winner!

Actually, we have a bunch of winners -- all of our nominees put up posts worthy of adulation.  And we readers won by seeing some of the best blogs around.  This idea worked out really well.  I'm proud of it.

About thirty of you voted.  Every nominee got several votes.  The race for second place was a near-tie among all of the nominees except for one -- the person who got more than twice as many votes as everyone else and won the POTY Prize.  That winner is...


Ashley's post on shopping at Target for new Missoni fashion struck a chord with many of you.  And I can see why.  I was laughing halfway through it.  The post is so authentic and funny.

So, Big A gets the $100 bill.  The other five nominees will also get Second-Place Prizes which I'm not going to disclose publicly.  (If they want to, that's up to them.)

Thank you everyone for playing the game.  See ya next year!


  1. Congrats to Ashley on a well-deserved win!! Ashley, your writing style is absolutely irresistible and impossible to forget. I wish I had had your confidence when I was only took me a lot longer to develop it, and you're a rare (but beautiful) find. Perfect photo choice for a winner too.

    Thank you again, Ally, for letting me be a part of this! I am thrilled that my post was able to help some readers re-think their opinions of themselves. That's what it's all about!! And I also just love the idea of revisiting older posts.

  2. Congratulations to Ashley

  3. Aww! Congratulations to Ashley. And to all the nominees. And thank you Ally for running this awesome award. You rock.

  4. Yay Ashley!!!

    Thank you so much for including me. This was fantastic and lots of fun reading all those posts. You have great friends. I'm glad you are my friend. So glad.