Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Breaking The Law


I broke The First Law of Thrifting.  As a result, the Goddess of Fashion punished me.  My pain is palpable.  My dolor is deep.

Yesterday, on the way home from Court, I stopped by my favorite thrift-store.  I browsed the racks and -- lo and behold! -- I spied The Holy Grail.  Or at least *my* Holy Grail.

It was a pristine, white petticoat with huge, fluffy ruffles.  Amazingly, it was priced only $6.  Six dollars!  Yes, it was a few sizes too small but, with an undergarment, I could handle that.  The fix wouldn't be pretty but it'd be hidden.

A petticoat may seem an odd item to you but for me -- someone who's ached to wear ruffles my whole life -- it is the epitome of femininity.  The pinnacle of pulchritude.  The height of adornment.  That, and it widens my hips to give my cylindrical body the illusion of curves.  Finding clothes like this is not a quotidian event for me.

Here's where I made my mistake...

I was riding my motorcycle which has some storage space but too little for a fluffy petticoat.  I'm not kidding when I say this item was over four feet wide.  It stretched almost straight out to the sides.  Since I wouldn't be able to fit it in my bike's trunk, I decided to come back the next day with a borrowed car.  I could carry it home in the car.

Can you imagine what happened next?  Well... I drove back with the car, leaped into the store, bounded down the aisle and... what? huh?  Where is it?!!!

Yes, over the span of one day, the treasure was plundered.  Stolen by another, smarter shopper.  Someone who wasn't riding a motorcycle.

Looking back, I now realize I had another option I should have considered.  I should have bought the petticoat and worn it home over my suit-pants.  That way, it would have made it safely to my closet and not been lost in a black hole.  I might have attracted some attention on the road, but at least I wouldn't be pining here for The Lost Treasure Of Long Island.

What would you have done?


  1. Oh, no. That sucks. Seriously, how sad! I probably would have done the same thing you did and been devastated to come back the next day and have it be done.

    I hope you find another one soon!

  2. Awwww man! I hate when that happens. I do that far too often, hoping to grab it on half price day or think "oh do I really need/want it". I agree, you should have just worn it home, and rocked it. It's still halloween season so maybe another will crop up. My fingers are crossed for you.

    Also I wish I still had my old costume petticoat - I would have totally mailed it to you. Alas, it's probably gracing another thrifter who found it after I donated it. Full skirts really are the most fun and fluffy things to wear.

  3. That sucks! One thing I learned about thrifting, is snatch it up that day if you can. I would have worn it home while riding the motorcyle. You could have rocked it! But look on the bright side - there is a more awesome and better one waiting for you somewhere else!


  4. awwww, honey. What a major bummer. I would have asked them to hold it for me till I came back. Most places have a 24 hour holding policy. Not sure about that place, though.

    I'm putting good vibes in the universe for you to not only find another one, but that it fits you perfectly off the rack.


  5. That's the burn of vintage shopping. I try to tell myself that it wasn't meant to be... But it's hard when it happens, I can relate.

    Next time you can always see if the store will hold it for you if you but it. Or you can always go to the nearest Mail Carrier and send it to yourself. The best part of the mail is you get to wait for your present.

  6. Awww... what a pity! I would have paid for it and kindly ask them to keep it for me till I came back! Nice people in stores do that! Don't get disappointed dear. I'm sure you'll find another one and it's going to be better than this one! Btw I'd love to buy one of those - they're so versatile! Kisses :)

  7. I see those big frilly petticoats in thrift stores all the time. What colour do you like? :) Pink? Red? Green? White? Also, send me your waist measurement (you have my email).

    Most places will hold stuff, and definitely you could have paid for it and then come back to pick it up.

  8. Awwwwww that's not a good story! I would have asked them to hold it for me. I don't know if thrift stores do that kinda thing. It would be great if they did.

    If you ever happen to come across another one...I think you already have a great idea for a photoshoot!

  9. ARGH! I'm so sorry. We've all had that experience, myself included. It makes me want to punch myself in the face. I would have bought a cheap backpack to put it in to wear on my back for the ride home.


  10. We've all had the painful experience... welcome to another part of growing up female!

    Most places would hold it for a day.

  11. Rule of thumb...ALWAYS GET IT...have them put it in a bag, and tied the bag around your waist or something...anything!!!! You could have worn it, you could have stuffed it in the back, you could have just had it in the bag...always buy it

  12. OHHH!!! I love this story but also feel sorry for you :)!!!

    I would have asked them to hold it for me until the next day- when I could come back and pick it up with my car. If they said no, I would have paid for it and asked them to hold it for me until the next day when I could come back and pick it up with my car :)

    We all have a story like this where we kick ourselves in the butt for the missed moment.. but alas, maybe this means you will find an even better one somewhere else. You know how they say every misfortune is a gift in disguise :) xoxo J

  13. Oooh that is too bad. I would loooove to find a treasure like that. I bought a skirt from romwe that is layered in tulle and am planning to wear it sometimes as a petticoat under other skirts/dresses.
    I am sorry.

  14. Oh, I'm so sorry this happened. You should have had it put on hold for you while you got the car, if they do this kind of thing... or otherwise put it in a bag and tied it to the back of your motorcycle. Console yourself with the fact that it was too small anyway. Hopefully you'll find another one that fits someday! I agree that petticoats are awesome and if I found one for such a great price I would definitely get it, even though I have no real-life application for it...

  15. That is terrible! But perhaps since it was gone, it just was not meant to be yours. Now maybe something even more fantastic is going to come along, just keep your eyes open!

  16. Oh no, I hate when that happens. I found an AMAZING bathtub & one of our bargain outlets & missed out. I thought I was going to cry. It was an awesome JETTED tub & all for 200.00. I came home to get the hubby & went back to get it and it was gone. Really nice items don't last long :(

  17. I say this to you with clasped hands and tears in my eyes....WHY?!?! WHY?!?!? Never never never leave without your treasure...call a taxi and come back later for your motorcycle. or Walk home with your treasure and then walk back and pick up the motorcycle. Whatever you have to do MAN!!! NEVER leave your treasures!!!!! LOL I hope you know I'm just teasing. I feel your pain....but just know: That's the beauty of thrifting. There's always another treasure right around the corner! Hugs to you! ~Serene

  18. That happens to me all the time, I stalk items until they go on sale and often they are all sold out of my size etc. I then must stalk them on e-bay. It doesn't always pay to be cheap:)

    I guess one way to look at it is that the shopping gods just have something better waiting for you around the next corner.

  19. I'm sorry; I know your pain. I'm filled with regret over a missed opportunity today as well. I could've taken it, should've taken it, and I froze. I tried to redeem it, but it seems to be too late. I'm trying to tell myself maybe there was a reason...but mostly I'm just mad at myself and rather depressed about it, actually.

    On a happier note, I really enjoyed your expressions and word choices in this post, particularly "pulchritude" and "quotidian." I actually had to look those two up, but what fun to read them even without knowing their definitions! :)

  20. I hate it when that happens.
    Well I think it would have maybe bought it and asked the cashier to hold it until the next day.
    Or rolled it up really, really tight and shoved it in the motorcycle.
    I could have worn it too...

  21. I'm a 'it was meant to be' sort of person. When you are thrifting something else/better always shows up eventually. If I put something on the rack and it's gone when I come back then I know someone else who loves it is probably wearing it. I think the skirt being gone is just the universes way of telling you that there will be something awesome that FITS better coming up soon :)

  22. Darlin, I'm sad that your pretty petticoat slipped through your fingers. But rest assured, there will be other ruffles in your life. Promise :)

    Though I am not consciously a believer in destiny or fate, I myself do often walk away from things and say "if it was meant to be, it'll be there when I go back."

    So - what would I have done?
    Well, since you asked... I would have slipped it over my riding pants and worn it home. There are the dangers of grease, road debris, major flappage but, those are the chances you take. I have been known to wear dresses to work and just slip my riding pants underneath and my jacket over. Works out great in the summertime :)

    Here is a little inspiration for you. I love this chick!

  23. Noooo!!! That's so sad. I think I would had tried to wear it home over my clothes. I've lost great deals by waiting too long also. :(

  24. Arrrggghhh. I don't thrift, but this is why I always buy things the first time I see them. (I know -- That's also a sign of my shopping compulsion, but whatever.) I would have been so mad!!!!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  25. i hate it when that happens! i would've probably left a downpayment and told them to hold it for me til i got back. don't worry thouhg, hopefully another'll come up soon enough :)

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  26. Damn I hate when I hem and haw on a thrift idea only to come back to find it gone (and usually by this point you've decided you had to have it!) Next time- wear it over your suit, on your head, tied to the motorcycle like a flag- whatever needs to be done!

  27. That sucks! I suggest next time you buy the item and make arrangements with management for you to be able to pick it up the next day. Petticoats are major scores at thrifts- and a pristine white one is seriously a Holy Grail, it is rare to find! Better luck on your next lucky find, my friend.

  28. I would have asked the thrift store clerk to double bag it and I would have tried to hold on to it while holding the handlebars of the bike. That may or may not have worked lol but I would have been pretty desperate. That is a bummer. I am so sorry Ralph. I am also a big fan of petticoats.

  29. Never ever have I ever been stumped on a word on a blog. "Dolor," was one I had to look up in the dictionary (and not to brag but I had a nearly perfect verbal SAT score...BRAG!). You're officially my new word-use hero. YOU USED IT IN A SENTENCE. *bows down*
    Who IS this goddess of fashion? I'd like to have a word with her about most of the clothes worn in the early aughts (particularly that fad with the thongs hanging out on purpose).
    You were not punished. The way I see it in shopping is that if you don't buy it and someone else does, it wasn't meant to be for you (YET!). You mention that it was a few sizes too small...that is an indicator that it is not yet meant to be. When the perfect petticoat comes along, you will proudly wear it on your motorcycle and fitting in the pannier be damned.

  30. Oh I am so sorry - I do it often - tell myself that I will think about it and if said item is still there when I return then - "It was meant to be" - sadly most of the time...I have to tell myself that it was not meant to be...

  31. That's such a shame! I bet it was a great piece and such a good price! Hopefully you will be able to find something like it again! I know that I have done that numerous times, thinking "I really don't need this right now." But of course, the next day, I decide that I do and go back to discover it's gone. That is the only downside to thrifting, those amazing deals don't last forever.

    Callie @ Unladylikeblog.blogspot.com

  32. Hahahaa! EXACTLY that. :P I feel so bad for you, I am mad that someone else got it.

  33. oh, man. i hate it when that happens. you should have worn it home over your pants. you would have then acquired a new piece of ruffled goodness and probably given a few people some much needed laughs in their day. :D

  34. I'm thinking of all the smiles you would have put on so many faces as they watched you zoom past them! Confused smiles, perhaps, but smiles nonetheless.

    (visiting from ToadMama)

  35. I understand your 'petticoat-lust'! That's the whole reason I wanted to learn how to Square Dance--the awesome outfits! I'd have (and do!) a REASON to wear petticoats! lol Sorry that petticoat got away from you but I'm sure there is an even better one awaiting you in the future! ;-)


  36. That's sad :( I would have used it as a cushion on the motorbike to keep it safe