Friday, September 2, 2011

Do You Shave?

I probably shave more than you guys.  I thought you might like to see me in action...

How much do you need to shave?


  1. I need to shave my legs far more often than I do. I have thick, coarse black hair that I swear grows back the next day. But, I refuse to shave that often - especially in winter. Of course during the summer I shave more often because I am wear skirts and shorts sans tights.

  2. Shaving is a ritual that has to be done although tiresome. I actually have to shave all over (including face too)

    I not only shave but also use Nair or Veet it helps soften the skin, gets down to the root better, and keeps sensitive areas clean.

    I tried electrolysis one time on my chin and neck to get rid of some embarrassing hairs. It actually not only burned my vocal chords for about a week and very painful burning the sensitive inner throat lining, but it also caused the hair to multiple even more coarser and more frequent. It required about 4 treatments at least..but after the first one and the complications with it...never went back. Now my hair grows even more abnormally on my chin and neck.

  3. I hate to shave, but I hate to be hairy! I shave my legs at least 3 times a week, less in the winter. I use Veet sometimes too, love how smooth my legs feel after!

  4. YUP! Just like I do it!!!! LOL Don't EVEN want to admit how hairy I am! ~Serene

  5. Ha! You're so cute.
    Love the juxtaposition :D

  6. love the second photo! Ally meets Ralph! Anyway, I have ,among others, Mediterranean ancestors, plus being Latin and being hairy seem to go hand in hand. So I wax my upper lip weekly and pluck nasty hairs under my chin almost daily (just because I'm too impatient to wait for the weekly wax!). The area around my elbows is hairy too so in summer I wax there. Legs and armpits are daily. In summer I need to shave on top of my toes too. Yep, very hairy woman here!

  7. Ha! I love it!

    I shave my legs from the knees down, my armpits and that's it. I'm so lazy that I usually only do them a few times a week (armpits only if I know they'll show or they're getting really hairy).

    I use Veet on the bikini line, but not to often because it itches like hell growing back in.

  8. Hee! I'm like Sheila - almost exactly. Only I trim instead of Veet. I don't have a lot of hair. Or at least I don't feel like I do. I shave more in summer, way less in winter.

    I love your shaving cream face with the red lip. ;D Fashionable always!

  9. I wax the legs from the knees down and shave my armpits and if I feel brave I also do the "bikini" area... I'm not brave that often! I absolutely hate it! Sometimes I wish I was hairless! Kisses!

    p.s. - I'm not over with blogging yet/just taking a creative break from it!

  10. Why hello, that's such a fun and unexpected juxtaposition! :)

    I do shave my legs & armpits every few days, sometimes daily in the summer, but I do so reluctantly - because among the many beauty-grooming practices I engage in that coincide with the grooming standards imposed on women in our society, this is the only one that I engage in because I would feel deficient and ugly if I didn't. When I dress up in pretty feminine clothes, do my hair or put on makeup, it does boost my confidence and make me feel pretty, but ultimately it's a fun add-on, I would feel sure enough of myself in torn jeans and a college sweater, makeup-less and with my hair pulled back in a bun. Shaving my legs, at least when I put on clothes where they'll be visible, is a "must" if I don't want to loathe them. And that really bugs me! Which, I guess, is a privileged bio-girl problem, gwah. :)

  11. I've been shaving my legs almost daily, from the hip down, since I was seven years old. Yep... SEVEN. My mom told me not to, but once I did it anyway, she shut up right quick! I have coarse black hair and very pale skin, which is not a good combination for "excess" body hair. Especially on a child already a target for teasing for being smaller and smarter than the other kids at school.

    I "need" to shave it daily because it gets bristly so fast it's actually uncomfortable, but most days I don't have time so I only get to it a few times a week. Good thing I almost never wear dresses/skirts! If I have too many rushed mornings in a row, I will take time out of my evening just to shave my legs when they become too uncomfortably bristly.

    In college, I let myself get talked into letting it grow by a guy. It got to 1/2 inch, and was possibly the scariest sight ever. It was thick and coarse, and stuck almost straight out. *shudder*

    The first time I saw hair peeking out from a bathing suit in my early teens, I shaved that off right quick... and keep it that way always. I also shave my armpits daily and hate that I always have a gray shadow under my skin because the hair is so dark.

    Except for a quick swipe with a shaver to my upper lip (dark and light), "cat whiskers" (light), and chin (mostly light) when I don't have time to wax, everything else falls victim to the tweezers. I have a good one at home, and carry a cheaper one in my purse at all times. I'm not even going to get into all that needs tweezing....

    And while I do have a feminist "problem" with all this "socially required" hair removal, I hate the way it looks, and moreso how it feels, so I do it anyway.

  12. I do not really have unnecessary facial hair, no mustache hair or even many stray eyebrows. Which I was very thankful for when I got a little older because I had no idea that girls regularly plucked, waxed and bleached those areas.
    The legs and other places I shave once or twice a week. Depending on what I wear

  13. I hate hair, and I am a hairy beast, so ... It's not a good combination for me. I have to shave my underarms, like, every single day. My leg hair grows wayyyyy too quickly for me, too, so I have to shave that about twice a week -- Unless I don't feel like it. Then, I let it grow and make Mr. A feel my stubbles. Bahahhaahahaha. The bikini line is shaved every week. Because. Just. No.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  14. I have thick black hair. With my underarms, it got to the point where even if I shaved, you could still see the roots. So, I've gone the laser hair removal route, and I love it. Sites like groupon, living social have frequent deals on laser hair removal that I'm able to get a package of 6 sessions for about $100. Totally worth it in my opinion!

  15. well, I shave my arms and legs...arms more than they are usually covered and only when i wear skirts/ i care to shave my legs....arms..once in a week and if am lasy once in winters though..i prefer to wax!!

  16. HA!
    You are so funny :)
    Well I do, i must admit I am lazy about it...
    I am getting laser on my upper lip - and shave armpits and legs. That's it.

  17. This is hysterical. What a fun way to photograph and discuss this topic!

    Shaving and I have always had a strange relationship. I was a very hardcore, serious swimmer from the time I was 8 until I left for college. In swimming, we do something called tapering and shaving. You train extremely hard and don't shave your legs at all until your biggest meet of the season, which is usually only one or two meets a year. Then, when that meet rolls around, you taper, which means your training decreasing in intensity so that you can rest for the big meet. Also, you shave down your entire body for that big meet... The common misconception about this practice in swimming is that it makes you faster. Not necessarily true. It does, but more from a psychological standpoint. You'd be surprised what a huge difference a little hair on the body makes. You feel like lightening! Physically speaking, it doesn't really make a difference, but psychologically speaking it is HUGE! You go faster because you feel incredibly smoother in the water.
    But anyway, imagine being a middle and high school girl who has to wear skirts and dresses every Wednesday at private school... but I have legs as hairy as the boys because I'm not allowed to shave for my sport. Ha! Fortunately, everyone knew about me, my unshaved legs, and swimming being the reason. And I made fun of myself just as much as everyone else did. But the funny thing is, I got so used to never being able to shave my legs that when college rolled around and I was no longer swimming, I found myself still not shaving even though I could. It's taken me about 4 years to get into a habit of actually shaving, and even now, I'm not always great about it.

  18. Aah, the hair removal ritual...

    Armpits, daily
    Legs from knees down, twice a week
    Legs all the way up, once a month maybe?
    Waxing brows, once a week
    Waxing upper lip, once every month or so

  19. I have strawberry blonde hair. So I don't need to shave that often, because nobody ever sees it (it's too light, and there's no mr k to get stabbed by my growth). I'm kind of lucky that way.