Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Musings

Hope you aren't melting from the heat.  It's bad everywhere.

I enjoy blogging for the personal interaction it fosters among us, not to compile numerical stats.  I'm not immune to a little vanity, however -- I'm human.  I peek at the number of my followers like everyone else. 

Unlike you guys whose followings grow fast, mine crawls at an incredibly slow pace.  A snail could beat it in a race.  I reassure myself that it's the quality of our interactions that matter, not the quantity, and that's true.  But as I inch toward 100, I can't resist the urge to pump up that number.  Would it help for me to take steroids?  Oh, sorry; that's a boy-solution.  How 'bout Spanx?

At the rate I'm going, I'll hit that milestone in November, just in time for my birthday -- another large number. :)

I want to tell you something about bikers.  We love stickers.  Love 'em to death.  They capture our irreverent attitude and adorn our helmets.  Motorcycle shops are full of them, right between the black leather jackets and skull belt-buckles.

There are thousands of possible slogans to choose among.  I've always picked one for each new helmet that I thought reflected my life at that moment in time.  My first helmet-sticker was "Good Kid Gone Bad."  That's exactly what my family and friends thought when I got deep into motorcycling at age 37.

My second sticker, when I started riding faster, was "More Balls Than Brains."  I thought it was a funny comment on my increased risktaking.

Here are the stickers currently on my two bikes and helmet.  The first poses an epistemological question.  The second is small and, if a cop can read it, constitutes a formal admission.  The last is the kind of sage musing we old people make.

If you were picking out a sticker, what would it say?  "So Many Outfits, So Little Time"?


  1. Like the first sticker!!! What would mine say ... hmmm ... " I love it when people hate me. Means I am doing something right! :)"

    ♡ from ©

  2. It's cold and rainy here, can't complain :) I feel the same about my followers though. I'm hoping to hit 100 before my blog turns 1 at the end of September, but there's no way I'll try to force it.

    I love bumper stickers for cars, if they were more common in Germany and if I had a car, I would absolutely have some... don't know which slogan, though.

    About that photo... it actually came out of the camera cropped this weirdly, but I decided it looked purposeful enough to post it!

  3. I like the guilty sticker!
    I saw this sticker once and really liked it
    "My reality check just bounced".

  4. "Life's short. Eat dessert first."
    It's my motto for life.
    Although, so many outfits, so little time is a good one, too.

    Happy Friday!!

  5. I have so few followers and even fewer comments daily on my blog. Sometimes I feel sad about that. But I don't really do anything to change it. I'm not even sure what that would be. You know?

    You will hit that 100 mark before your bday I bet.

    Bumper sticker: "Where am I going and why am I in this hand basket?"


  6. I think we all look at our numbers. My followers are slowly crawling towards the 100 mark as well. It's a good feeling to have something you put effort into grow.

    Love your stickers! I think mine would say "Knowledge is power, and power corrupts. So study hard and be evil." or possibility, "The difference between a hero and a villian is one really bad day."

  7. I'm not big on bumper stickers, but I love magnets which we can pretend are bumper stickers for refrigerators.

    Two of my favorites read "So many men, so many reasons to sleep alone" and "Men love peppy girls". The first reminds me that I may actually be better off single, the second one just cracks me up because it's such inane advice for finding a man.

    As for followers, you'll get to 100 and you can count me as a new one (didn't realize I hadn't followed you yet!)

  8. I haven't even hit 25! But you're a wonderful writer, which makes your blog very attractive to people of varying interests.

  9. i dont think blog follower numbers mean anything. im sure more than 1/2 the people who follow me dont read my blog. haha.

  10. Oh, this makes me wish I had multiple identities so I could help you hit the magic number. I've enjoyed your blog...and keep my eye out for shoes in your size.

    No snappy slogans, I'm afraid.

  11. i prefer to have less followers, im not really after having many quantity...i did not know that you guys loved stickers a lot, me I would prefer, " Young Woman who Lived in a Shoe"..(hmm, not too funky..?)

  12. I think everybody is flattered with new followers! I'm pleasantly surprised every time the number increases, especially lately that my posting is so scarce! I hope you'll hit 1000 very very soon, although the point for me is quality, like you said!
    Bumper stickers... we don't have that, but it would be something like: "Don't follow me, I'm lost too" or "Zero to Bitch in 2,3 seconds" or "Honk is broken - Watch for finger"! But I don't have any stickers, car or a license! I'm spoiled - I want people to drive me around! (hey, maybe I should use that as a sticker). Kisses

  13. Yes, but you already have 100 subscribers, so with the followers you're already WELL past the 100 mark -- almost 200, in fact! Admittedly, I'm not really sure what the difference is, but I can tell you that the blogs I read are added as subscriptions in my Google reader, so I'm one of your subscribers. So you see, you have more readers than you thought! Plus there are the people who just bookmark your blog and go directly to the site, which makes it impossible to know for sure how many people are reading. That's why I stopped checking my numbers ages ago; I honestly have no idea how many people read my blog and I sort of don't want to know. I think I would be intimidated if I found out it was a lot more than I imagine.

  14. I have been blogging for 2 years and just recently got to 100 followers.
    However I don't have much interaction with many of them, which sucks.
    Now, if I had to pick a sticker... hmm good question.. I would chose a couple:
    "Some things are best kept unsaid"... could be one of them.