Friday, February 11, 2011

Too Much

Sometimes too much is too much...  I still have a lot to learn about fashion.

I went on a wild ride yesterday: I took a bold mini-skirt, paired it with an equally bold shrug, and added a hyper-sparkly top. 

Yes, I know -- too much.  Way too much.  But I have to learn and it seems I learn fastest from mistakes. 

I realize, looking at the pictures, that the top is the problem: it pushes the outfit off the cliff.  I was already walking on the edge of good taste and the top took it too far.  I should have worn a plain, non-sparkly item.  Plain, however, is never my first instinct... 

Dressing for you guys is a lot of fun.  I'm slowly improving with my clothing choices.  I make mistakes, of course, but I hope you forgive them.  How else can we learn?

Do you ever wear wild outfits?  Or make any tragic fashion errors?


  1. Hmm! I really like the idea of it, but I agree: if the top was more plain, it would work tremendously. Do you have a bright pink top you could wear with the skirt? I've been obsessed with animal print and hot pink lately (it's definitely going to be incorporated into my Valentine's Day outfit).

    I wear wild outfits all the time...I don't think I ever go totally all out and look ridiculous. I usually think I look fine, but everyone has their own personal opinions about what "goes" and what doesn't. I wore basic jeans and a sweater yesterday with a white coat, and then I put on these neon fuschia Marc by Marc Jacobs flats I own. I'm sure black would have looked more streamlined, but I like to have fun! I got a couple of weird looks and my boyfriend immediately commented on how he thought "another pair of shoes would have worked better." Hmmph!

  2. You're right, Ashley, it's a personal choice as to where the line is.

  3. I think it's fun to be wild with fashion and try new things! Even if it doesn't always work out....

    I do it all the time! I love mixing colors and patterns!

  4. Hey my fav blogger!! sorry I havent been by for awhile.. the balance of keeping up with work and blogging.. oh its abit much sometimes!!! thanks for all your regular visits over to my blog.. it really makes my day when I get your comments and just knowing you are coming by to check on me!! thank you!!!

    Well, your outfit! it is abit wild, but life is about living on the edge anyway.. the trouble is, most people live squashed up right against the wall clutching to what they think is security. Thats boring if you ask me!!! And if you can laugh and smile at yourself and some of your wild outfits then mission accomplished, you had fun and learned something!! thats what I love about taking regular photos, I find that when I see myself in the photo I can be more objective about how the outfit looks and can then see what works or not.

    I think a RED top would look really awesome with that skirt/shrug combination.. a color that would make it really pop. or maybe even purple. BOY you have hot legs, me jealous!!! LOL
    have a super friday and even better weeekend!!! catch you next week for more outfit fun!!!

    xoxo J

  5. I love taking pictures of my outfits because it really shows what you should and should not wear.
    Then comes the horrible "oh, shit -- I really left the house wearing THAT" feeling that comes with a train wreck outfit.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. Plain is Never my first instinct either lol. I need to work on adding some plain tops and shoes to my wardrobe. I always get sidetracked by blingy shoes or leopard print shoes argh ! I agree with Jodi, a Red top would look perfect !! I LOVE black white and red together. It is perfection.

  7. I agree with Jodi, pairing it with red should look fabulous! or maybe yellow....
    I think we have to take risks... in everything including getting dressed- it's the path to success.
    So, you are on the right path.
    I make fashion errors every week.....

  8. I also think I am making mistakes, but I realize that having too much clothes in my closet, I can't distinguish what to wear, I am actually feeling ending up with an ugly outfit. Your dress is classy, I always thought animal prints are=) and your pic on younger years, you have a potential, you're tall and cute in that pic!=)

  9. Seriously? I think it works just fine. I mean, maybe a structured black blazer instead of the sweater might make it more chic. But I think you rocked it this way too.


  10. I kind of like it! :) I agree w/tracy. You look super cheerful today!! <3

    And you see my disasters *daily*!!!!!

  11. I make tragic fashion errors on a daily basis. I'm a perfect candidate for that What Not to Wear Show (which I hate, by the way, probably BECAUSE I am the perfect candidate). And you are completely right in that if you never try something, you won't know if it works. That is how we learn, so you just keep doing what you are doing. It's pretty obvious that your practice is paying off because you really come up with some nice combinations.

  12. I do not know if I make errors. I never look back at them to analyze (fashion wise) ... Also wanted to apologize for not being around much lately. Been traveling and blogging from India is taking a toll on my over all efficiency :)

  13. Personally, I don't think the sparkly top is the problem: I think it's the matchy shrug. I would have done either a solid bold colour shrug (or drapey cardi) or gone with black. The sparkles with the leopard rule!

    You have to be brave and try new things all the time! How do we learn if we never make mistakes? :)

    Oh, and any solid bright will look amazing with the leopard. I wore green yesterday with a leopard skirt.

  14. I agree with Jodi ... a red top would have been awesome. But you're right, it's a learning process and look here, there are us women 40+ who are still learning.

    I like your rique looks .. it makes it fun and interesting.

  15. I really like the shrug and skirt together. You should try red, as Jodi suggested, or perhaps just a plain wife-beater? I find those work wonders with bolder pieces.

  16. The most important thing is that you're having fun with fashion! I'm learning as I continue to blog as well, and also I'm trying NOT to dress for my blog......that's hard to do sometimes! ~Serene

  17. That shrug would look awesome with girly-jeans! So would the sparkly top- just not with the shrug!

    And a yellow top, or even red, would look great with that super-cool skirt.

    You do look super-chipper, which definitely outweighs any fashion "mistakes"....