Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Winners!

The envelope, please...

Seventeen of you tried to predict the Oscar winners.  The good news is nobody got them all wrong.  The bad news is nobody got them all right! 

There were six major categories.  Three people got five (out of the six) categories correct.  The category that stumped most of you was Best Director, which was won by Tom Hooper ("The King's Speech").

Here are the results, starting with the best predictors/guessers:

Five correct answers: Tracy; Cammie; Tiff
Four correct answers: Sheila; Emily (Tinfoils); Johanne; Sue; Krista; Marie
Three correct answers: Emily (Ruby); Dimi; Brett; Jen
Two correct answers: TwentySomething; Nynga
One correct answer: Bonnie; Freeda

The prize for the winner is supposed to be a crisp $100 bill.  There were three winners.  I'm not gonna be a cheapskate and divide it up; instead, each of the three winners gets a full hundred bucks.  That's just the way I roll...

Thank you for playing!!


  1. Woo hoo!! I never win anything. So funny. Thanks so much.


  2. What a fun contest, thanks!

    Love the spread at your Oscar party, too - even your fruit looks perfectly arranged.

  3. Aw! How cool and nice of you! :)

    I would have only gotten 1 right and that would have been best actress! =P

  4. Congrats to Winners ! You are a Truly Good Person Ralph.

  5. Wow you are so generous! Darn I should have gone with my sister and picked The King's Speech for best movie! :) Your party looked like so much fun!! And the food-mmmm!

  6. Thanks so much! I am so excited to have won and thanks for being so generous!

  7. You're a honey ... thanks for being you... pity I didn't play ... lol

  8. Nuts, so close! Thanks for letting us play and congrats to the winners. :)

  9. That was fun!! Thank you for that Ralph, you're so sweet!! Have you watched the greek nominated movie btw??

  10. Oh my god, this is so cool! I never win anything! Thank you so much, I'm speechless!

  11. I'm happy I got some right! Haha. They were fun to watch.

    And that's so sweet of you... congratulations to the winners!

  12. Baaaahahahahahahahaa.
    I got 1 right.
    All I do is win.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  13. That was a very generous thing to do! I'm sad I missed it :)

    So, I guess I haven't yet replied to the fact that we're neighbors by ancestry... that is a very cool coincidence! My grandfather was a teenager in Stuttgart in the late 1940s, they could totally have known each other... Since your father was German, did you grow up bilingual?

  14. Ralph, you are so awesome. Not many people would actually pay in full times three. I wish I were a movie fan so I could've played. Your party really did look like fun.