Saturday, February 12, 2011

Makeup and Math

I was aware of the transformative power of makeup, but I had no idea how extremely strong that power can be.  Before today, I only saw my favorite TV actress, Sofia Vergara ("Modern Family"), with heavy makeup on.  Then, when I saw how she looks without makeup, I literally did not recognize her.  She looks like an entirely different person!

Here she is in two pictures, taken only hours apart.  In the first, she's unadorned; in the second, a team of makeup and hair experts have done her over.  What do you think?

I just heard a math joke.  Did you know there were math jokes?  Well, there are!

What did the number 0 say to the number 8?  "Hey, nice belt!"


  1. I think she looks beautiful in both ways! But, yeah...make up is a powerful thing.
    Have a nice weekend, Shy! ^^

  2. Wow ! My Husband pointed these pics out to me earlier this week and was shocked. I don't think it would be so shocking if she wore light makeup on a regular basis. I can tell from the second pic that she or her makeup artist pulls out all the bells and whistles when she wears makeup. I wish I had the time to do my makeup really fancy. Some days I can only get mascara, mineral foundation, bronzer and lipstick on. Btw, did you get my Thank You email ? You are a sweetie. Just in case you didn't get it, Thank You so Much ! You are an Absolute Doll.

  3. That math joke is too Cute ! My Daughter will get a laugh out of that one. She is really into Math. Oh..and to clarify what I mean by light makeup. The natural look. Kind of what I do most of the time lol. I have Red lipsticks but sometimes I am too shy to wear them.

  4. Oh! The movie starts and other celebs are the only ones who can display the power of make up ... but I have seen such transformations in real life too. I some how prefer to be in my own skin. Make up really doesn't excite me.

    And cute Maths joke. I too heard some yesterday.

    A 5th Grade Kid wrote in the Maths answer sheet:
    Dear Math,
    I am sick and tired of finding your "X". Just accept the fact that she is gone and move on, dude! :)

  5. Ohh the power of make up!! You can do all sorts of crazy things! That's why I love helloween make-up kits, they're so fun! It's like the special effects in the movies, you can experiment so much. I used to do it all the time when I was younger! Now, being unemployed and having the job I told you = NO make-up!! Not even for my posts, (lazy blogger from her couch...). Kisses and rainbows to all!

  6. hahaha LOVE that joke! I've never heard it before. Wow that is a huge difference with her makeup, I do think she needs to find a happy medium though. Makeup shouldn't make you look like a different person, just a better looking you :) xx

  7. I saw that pic myself and to be honest I dont particularly like either photo but yes the power of makeup is great xx

    I love her.
    Seriously, I have a girl crush on her.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. She looks pretty in both ways. : )

  10. Cripes she looks so different! And I quite like her without her make up on. She still looks gorgeous.
    Haha I love that joke. Another maths one:
    Why was 6 scared of 7?
    Because 7 8 9.

  11. Poppy just took the joke I was going to share. LOL it's a good one.

    It's amazing what makeup can do. But I think she looks pretty without the makeup as well.

  12. In high school, my hobby was theater makeup. I studied up on it, and learned the "classic proportions", and how to create the illusion of them (or not, depending on character).

    The makeup artists are creating the illusion of bigger, wider eves with the use of makeup. I love seeing before/after shots, so I can figure out what they did.

    If I didn't abuse my snooze button so much... I *could* leave the house looking like a completely different person. But I'm lazy.

    I wish I could get my hands on your face... that would be tons of fun!

  13. She's beautiful either way, but she looks like two completely different people.

  14. I agree that she looks pretty both ways but like a different person. Maybe she is just tired in the first one. Whenever I don't wear makeup, I literally always find myself expecting people not to recognize me. lol They always do, though, and I'm always surprised. I think I look very different without it - not bad, but very different. But apparently I'm the only one!

  15. I think she looks ok without makeup- i have seen worst.

  16. I like her better without makeup - it looks like she's trying too hard in the second one.