Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Alfred Hitchcock (Guest-Post)

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My topic today will be Alfred Hitchcock films.

My youngest son (17 now) and I started a movie tradition of watching all of the Alfred Hitchcock movies that are available on DVD.  My son is an avid movie lover and I wanted to acquaint him with older, classic movies.  I think that the fabulous writing styles and camera styles of that period are pretty much lost on today’s films.  I wanted my son to have an appreciation for this type of movie making.

Alfred Hitchcock was born in Leytonston, England in 1899.  His career began in 1919 as an illustrator for title cards for silent films.  He had many jobs within the film industry before he began producing and directing his own movies.  His first movie was in silent films in 1925, called The Pleasure Garden.  In 1926, his breakthrough film the Lodger, became the prototype of the classic Hitchcock plot... an innocent protagonist is falsely accused of a crime and becomes involved in a web of intrigue.

This formula led Hitchcock to become known as the Master of the thriller genre that he virtually invented.  His films draw on fear and fantasy and are also known for their droll humor.  Hitchcock has a distinct and recognizable directorial style. He perfected a way to mimic a person's gaze with the camera, forcing the viewer to engage in a form of voyeurism.  He was  a master at being able to frame shots to manipulate the audiences feelings of anxiety, fear and empathy.  His films are known for their “twist” endings and sexual undertones.
Mr. Hitchcock always uses the “ice” blond stereotype for his leading ladies.  His favorites being, Grace Kelly and Kim Novac.  His favorite leading men were James Stewart and Cary Grant.  He is also known for his cameo appearances in each film he made.

Mr. Hitchcock made 53 films in his lifetime.  His most inspired period is recognized as the period between 1950 and 1960.  Those films include: I Confess, Dial for Murder, To Catch A Thief, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Trouble With Harry and Strangers On A Train, (my personal favorite). 

As a Fashion Blogger, it would be remiss of me not to mention the fabulous fashions in Hitchcock movies.  The women wore divine clothing as well as the men.  Hitchcock worked closely with his costume designers and was very specific about the clothing that his leading ladies wore.  He was always trying to portray a certain look or meaning, even it it meant how a scarf was placed or a certain color that was worn.

I hope that this little blurb has inspired you to go and check out a Hitchcock film if you have never seen one.  Most of the films out on DVD have been digitally remastered and have commentaries by actors or other people working on that particular film.  His daughter, who was also in several of his films, does commentary on many of the DVDs as well.  Hitchcock kept everything, so it is fascinating to see storyboards, handwritten direction and even old receipts.

Thanks for letting me share my passion for Hitchcock Films and please stop by my blog anytime.


  1. I love Hitchcock films - my dad introduced me to "Psycho" when I was a kid (yes, I had nightmares!), which was followed by "The Birds", "Rear Window" and "Marnie". I rented many of his other movies and love the look and style (and the fashion, you are so right!).

    Super guest spot, thanks you, Brett!

  2. I feel so sad as I haven't really seen many of his films. I think I sure have to, because this was really interesting to read about =)


  3. Hitchcock's films are not merely good, they're entertaining. They are great fun while also being great art. Hitchcock was a rare master who could please the crowd while impressing the critics.

  4. HUGE fan of Hitchcock. And an even bigger fan of Brett. Awesome post.

    My favorite Hitchcock film is Rear Window. LOVE that film. And the beautiful Grace Kelly. Her wardrobe was perfect in this film. What a tiny waist!

    Love you both!

  5. I am also a big Alfred Hitchcock fan. My Mother introduced these to me as a child.

  6. The only Hitchcock film that I've ever seen is The Birds! We had to watch it in school in 7th grade and I had heard that they showed some guy's eye getting clawed out by one of the birds, so I was terrified the entire time in anticipation (I used to have a problem with blood and fainted at the sight of it, even movie blood). I can't remember if they even showed it, but it wasn't scary at all...I should watch it again!

    Thanks for this post, girl!

  7. Oh my god. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Alfred Hitchcock! I watched "Dial M for Murder" a couple of weeks back and it was great! I got hooked on his TV show "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" :)

  8. Avid fan of Hitchcock and all horror/thriller films in general, espec. cult movies from the 60's-90's! Thank you for the post, the effort and all the extra details you taught us! And your blog is cute!

  9. Great post! I did my BA in media studies so I got to study Hitchcock films often. I find them so fascinating and eery... so much detail goes into every shot! I love them...might make that a weekend activity!

  10. Psycho wil remain one of my favourite movie ever!
    he was a genious, I also really enjoied waching the series. Great post dear! : )

  11. Great post! I think it's important to watch some of the oldies but goldies as well as the new ones:-)

  12. I am inspired now-thanks Brett! I've never seen any of his movies but the fashion has drawn me in!

  13. to be honest i dont think ive ever seen a hitchcock film but i LOVE old movies so i probably should watch them!


  14. I have never met a Hitchcock I didn't like! I am a longtime fan and have been since I first saw AF Presents reruns on TV as a kid.

    Now that I have Netflix (largely thanks to your convincing), I have all the seasons of Alfred Hitchcock Presents and many of the movies at my disposal! The TV show is just as brilliant as the movies, to me. Episodes and movies alike are the kinds of tales that stay with you and make you do irrational things like check behind shower curtains and over-analyze the neighbor boy. That's one of the marks of a brilliant film!

    I think the most recent movie I saw was Vertigo...Stewart and Novak, a brilliant combo. It's so easy to see why he favored them, Grace Kelly, and Cary Grant!

    the narcissists' diary / the closet narcissist

  15. I forgot to mention how much I love his dry humor on AF Presents. :)