Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Art & History

The history of slavery and racial segregation in America has been downplayed and whitewashed. Which explains why, when I saw this picture, I was so shocked. The emotional impact of the scene feels like a blow to my chest.

The photograph was taken by Gordon Parks, a noted African-American artist. In 1956 Parks was commissioned by Life magazine to go to segregated Alabama and document racial tensions entrenched there. This is one of his several photographs from that trip.

I was born in 1957. It's hard to believe that racial segregation existed in our lifetime but it has in mine.


  1. It is shocking!! I remember a Doctor Who episode from 1987 where the Doctor walked past a B&B that had a 'No Coloureds' sign in the window. He expressed his disgust about it when he talks about the Daleks discriminating against each other, Renegades and Imperials and he says this type of thing happens on Earth too. And that was 1987 in England. I

  2. A powerful image Ally. It's a sad part of human history, how one race could think it acceptable to buy and sell another race and to uproot them from their homelands.

  3. A perfect example of how a picture can speak a thousand words. This is a powerful photograph that captured exactly what it intended. Unfortunately, racial segregation is still present in many countries as is slavery. I hope that some day we will live in a world without slavery and segregation.

  4. Shocking and heartbreaking to know that racial segregation still exists in the world today. xxx

  5. Throughout the course of a life spent heavily immersed in the study of history, I have come across this intensely powerful image numerous times.

    Each encounter is startling. The juxtaposition of incredible beauty set against the harsh ugliness and absurdity of racism is extraordinarily powerful.

    While, thank the stars above, we have come a long way from those not-too-distant days, the battle is not over yet entirely (as many events in recent years have driven home all the more) and it is anyone's guess as to when, and moreover, if, true racial equality will ever be possible.

    As both a realist and an optimist, I hold out hope - much as all those who have been oppressed and otherwise impacted by racism have done since time in memorial.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life