Thursday, April 16, 2020

Something New To Drink

I just discovered something nice.

I like the flavor of cocktails but sometimes don't want to drink alcohol. On work-nights, I like to unwind but not suffer the next day.

My ears perked up when I heard about a company that makes non-alcoholic "liquors" (Seedlip). The liquors are distilled spirits with no alcohol in them. They are made with botanicals that create the flavor of liquors. I bought two bottles to try and am happy to report my review is favorable.

Seedlip's spirits are meant to be mixed in cocktails, not drank neat. I tried two of their three bottles. The first, Grove 42, has a pleasant citrus taste. I mixed it with ginger beer and a wedge of lime: it became a mock Moscow Mule. The second spirit, Spice 94, gets its flavor from Jamaican allspice, cardamom, cinnamon and cascarilla. It goes well with grapefruit or tonic. Seedlip has recipes for putting it in expresso or cold coffee; I haven't gone that wild yet.

I like that these liquors aren't overpowering and have no sugar or sweetener in them. They mix well with traditional cocktail ingredients and make easy, refreshing drinks.

If you want a taste of these, come on over... um... maybe in a few weeks. Stay safe!


  1. I'm totally in - those sound fantastic! Since I stopped drinking in 2018, I've noticed that there isn't much out there for non-drinkers that isn't pop. I'm quite a fan of the Fentiman's Ginger Beer and Elderflower soda - those are usually what I drink at parties.

    1. For me, the problem with soda is sugar: they're too sweet. And their flavor isn't complex. I like drinks with only a touch of sweetness and rich panoply of flavor.

  2. These sounds thoroughly delectable! I've been unable to consume alcohol of any type (due to medical reasons) for about sixteen years now and it's as good as certain that such will never be possible for me. I'm definitely going to be looking in this brand, their ingredients, and their availability on this side of the 49th. Thank you very much for the lovely introduction and a hearty "cheers" to you, my friend.

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Glad to open a door, friend! Many of us avoid alcohol for a variety of reasons but still want something nice to drink.

  3. These sound good and I love the packaging!

  4. Ooo those sound lovely! I inherited both of my parents' inability to tolerate alcohol. We go from sober to sick too quickly.

    Over time I can appreciate a single hard-liquor drink or a taster of beer, of course preferring the weirder stuff (a special sour beer brewed with sour rainbow candy made by local Nashville brewery Southern Grist was a hilarious favorite), but it's more for the rare novelty and social appeal of sharing an experience than anything towards inebriation for me.

    This sounds very unique! Agreeing with the others that the packaging is very appealing.

    I also enjoy picking out "weird" sodas/energy drinks/teas for my dad and I to share if I happen across them.