Wednesday, April 8, 2020


I don't expect you to understand this post; it's personal. You might, however, find pleasure in seeing some pictures. The images are captivating, in my opinion.

Here are photographs of Maura, the first woman I loved. We were together over 20 years and never stopped loving each other. Maura is a painter and she lives in Wales now.

Do any of these pictures strike you in any way?


  1. Her hair is so beautiful! I always wanted to be a true red head! Her eyes are so soulful! 20 years is a long time...

  2. She is lovely - that first picture is mesmerizing!

  3. Wow, she looks stunning in these pictures.

    1. Thanks. She still does at age 60. Being vegetarian since 12, she hasn't aged at all.

  4. Lovely in all regards. You never forget your first love

  5. How lovely she is, her hair is just magnificent! xxx

  6. I think just seeing the pictures you picked and the way you talk about her shows how important she was in your life. I dig her fancy bird? chicken? shirt in the first pic.

  7. Striking hair and vivacious eyes :) The images are indeed captivating, how beautiful that you still think of her.

  8. Maura is beautiful. And I absolutely love her hair!!

  9. What an intensely meaningful, evocative post, Ally. So often we end relationships and then do everything in our power to distance ourselves for them.

    At times this is 100% warranted and even necessary from a personal safety standpoint, but others don't call for such extreme measures. I feel that acknowledging, honouring, and remembering the person we shared a solid chunk of our time on this planet with can be a healthy and wonderful thing to do.

    Thank you for the reminder of just that via this moving post about lovely Maura and the two decades you experienced together.

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life