Thursday, April 9, 2020

A Little Late

Last January I wrote a New Year’s letter which unfortunately wasn’t sent out due to a technical difficulty. I just fixed that problem so here is the letter.


Welcome 2020!!

As we welcome the New Year, I want to convey my thoughts and predictions for 2020. I have a good feeling about the coming year: I believe it will be our best yet.

The stock market is doing great and all of our investments are at all-time highs. I‘m sure they will continue to soar, making our finances secure and prosperous. I predict nobody will worry about money in 2020.

I plan to throw lots of parties this year and you’re invited. Gathering with friends over drinks and food is one of life’s chief pleasures. There’s no reason for us to forego them.

I also plan to see many Broadway plays, music concerts and sporting events. There’s nothing like the excitement of being in a crowd, feeling others near you while we root and cheer for artists and athletes. Baseball starts soon; I look forward to Spring Training. Hockey playoffs will be fun and the games will be packed with crowds.

New stores are opening at shopping malls. We’ll go there to browse and hang out, enjoying the fruits of a booming economy. Relaxing in Starbucks and other coffee-shops is a fun activity.

Speaking of activities, travel! I love to ride long distances on my motorcycle. My year is crammed with trips to faraway places, starting in March. Let’s leave our normal surroundings and explore new places. Who wants to remain coop-ed up at home?

I look forward to new restaurants opening up this year. Dining out on exquisite food is a delight we take for granted. I’ve even thought about investing in a restaurant. They make money so easily; investing in one is a sure-thing.

Taking a cue from Tom Hanks (the actor), I plan to buy another typewriter. Tom owns hundreds of ancient machines. As their most popular collector, this is what Tom will be best known for in 2020.

Well, it’s time for me to get a haircut, buy new clothes and socialize. I’ll see you out on the streets and shops.

There’s smooth sailing ahead for us in 2020!

P.S., Let me conclude with some song lyrics from John Prine:

When I woke up this morning, things were lookin' bad.
Seem like total silence was the only friend I had.
Bowl of oatmeal tried to stare me down... and won.
And it was twelve o'clock before I realized
That I was havin' no fun.

But fortunately I have the key to escape reality.
And you may see me tonight with an illegal smile.
It don't cost very much, but it lasts a long while.
Won't you please tell the man I didn't kill anyone.
No I'm just tryin' to have me some fun.


  1. RIP John Prine - L and I will be listening to some of his albums this weekend.

    Oh, the irony is thick in that letter, Ally! What a strange and bizarre world we now live in!

  2. I hope you did not strain yourself firmly planting tongue in cheek.

  3. How quickly the world has changed eh? I hope you are safe and well.

  4. Well, that would have been ambitious even in normal times! Happy New Year :-)) xxx

  5. John Prine’s passing made me really sad this week. Always loved his songwriting.

    Oh, this letter. Yea I look forward to resuming all of these conveniences and everyday life stuffs. Dining out with friends and seeing family especially ❤️

  6. Millimeter by millimeter, my grin grew ever wider with each clever line.

    Thank you for this welcome dose of humour during a time that is as hard as nails and bleak as the day is long. You have such an insightful and appreciated way of lifting peoples' spirits, Ally.

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Thanks, pal. We need joy and humor now more than ever.

  7. LOL! At first I was like, okay...and then I got it. Thanks for the laugh. I hope this blows over soon so we can really tackle some of those activities!