Monday, March 18, 2019

"The Original Soundtrack" by 10cc

Do you like the song "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen? Well, I have a treat for you.

That song was inspired by an earlier tune by 10cc, a British band. In the Seventies, 10cc was the most inventive group of musicians working. Talented at writing and playing multiple instruments, they created amazing songs bordering on bizarre.

Their best album, "The Original Soundtrack," brought them critical and commercial success -- including a song that was hugely popular in the U.S. and is still played today -- "I'm Not In Love." Even if you don't recognize the title, you've probably heard the song on the radio. (Okay, maybe on your phone or computer, you streaming youngsters.)

The album opens with a three-part mini-operatic song called "One Night in Paris." As engaging as it is weird.

My favorite song is "Life Is A Minestrone," a truly weird tune. Infectious and weird. You have to hear it to grasp what I'm saying. Surprisingly, despite its oddity, the song was a hit in both England and the U.S.

Have you heard of this group?


  1. Wow, great to know about this song, I would definitely love to listen it. Thanks for sharing about it.
    Have a lovely day.

  2. I have I'm Not In Love on my playlist. I really like it but that Life is A Minestrone song is an acquired tasted I think.


    1. You're right, it is. Then again, I've acquired a taste for many weird things. :)

  3. I am somewhat embarrassed that I don’t.. but I do know I’m not in love. Next time I open iTunes, will will give it a listen! I generally like weird..

  4. Oh, I know that song - it was a staple on AM radio soft rock stations. :) I sent your recommendation to L for a listen (he will know that song as well). I did not know that Godley & Creme were from 10CC - I remember them from the song/video "Cry" back in 1985.

  5. Oh, I do remember 10cc, they were brilliant! I'd quite forgotten about Life is a Minestrone, though! I'm not in Love is probably the one people remember them by, but they had many other great songs back in the 70s. xxx

  6. "You streaming youngsters" made me laugh, hahaha! ;)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  7. BTW, L loved this album, and has passed the recommendation along to a couple of our friends - you have started a 10CC renaissance! "Tell her I approve. It is awesome." is the direct quote. :)


  8. Never heard them but I LOVE quirky music!

  9. Have a pleasant day :)

  10. I don't like quirky music of 10cc. I prefer serious music of 10cc when they did a serious love-gone-wrong ballad, "I'm Not in Love" as a much better version without Kathy Redfern spoiling in midsong that might have existed, shown on: