Friday, January 18, 2019


I had to go into Manhattan yesterday for a medical procedure. It was scary and painful. To take my mind off the soreness, I wandered downtown to my favorite pen store. There I admired and acquired a beautiful new pen. It was a good way to lift my spirits.

At the pen expo last Fall, the store had representatives from pen manufacturers talking about their products. I met a nice guy named Michael who is owner and designer of Michael's Fat Boy Pens, a small company in Indiana. The company makes its pens in America, one of few companies doing that.

The pens come in several clever designs and are made from aluminum. Heftier than most pens, they are a pleasure to hold in your hand. They look and feel like sculpture. Sculpture you can use.

The model I got is one of the Tesla Coil edition. It celebrates the electrical inventions of Nikola Tesla. This pen is strikingly colorful. I got a stand for it so I can admire the pen instead of tossing it into a drawer.

Do you ever balance out hardship in your life with positive action? It's my go-to way of dealing with difficulty in life.


  1. I hope everything is okay. Tests are never fun and always stressful.

    I like your idea for coping with this. The pen is very unique.

    Take care of yourself.


  2. Thanks. My fingers are crossed. Besides I'm too busy to die!

  3. I love pens - and this one is beautiful! I always try to balance out stress with shopping - always seems to work for me well :) Be well, friend. Take care!

  4. I hope everything is ok with you my friend! And yes, I definitely balance out stress with something positive. I am usually at the thrift store within minutes of a doctor or dentist appointment!

  5. First of all, I like this pen very much. It looks like it is ergonomically designed and I like that it has a stand so it will not disappear in a drawer. LOL.
    Yes when I am facing scary medical news or even unpleasant headlines I look at paintings online and sometimes jewelry. Beauty is in fact a wonderful and necessary indulgence. If I lived closer to a park or a beautiful natural place, I would go there. .
    I do hope the outcome of the test was fine.

  6. Oh Friend! I am hoping that there is only positive news out of this procedure! This pen is awesome! My husband is always on the lookout for his next favorite pen plus he is a little obsessed with Teslas! I will have to show him these! I like to balance stress out with naps LOL

  7. Praying on this side of the pond that the tests come out great.

    Love the pen … My go to place is a scrapbook shop … preferably one where I can also get a great cappuccino.

  8. Beautiful pen indeed! Pen are something pretty nice to collect actually.
    I just hope your medical procedure isn't something too bad. I been to the doctor yesterday and wasn't feeling my best after. Thankfully it won't last long.

  9. I do hope all is OK with you, Ally! I always treat myself too, when I'm having a particularly stressful time. xxx

  10. I hope that you're doing OK?! I love that you did something like that afterwards. I actually do things like that too. Know what I get? Journals or books. Even just a cup of coffee. I really do like that attitude. You have to offset that negativity. Good for you. I do hope though that whatever you had done, that you're feeling much better now. xoxo

  11. I hope you are ok dear Ally!!! And I hope that the procedure wasn't as bad as you feared. I'm glad you balanced the woe with this beautiful new pen!

  12. Wishing you the best, Ally.

    I definitely try to balance out the negative things in my life. I think I'd lose it otherwise. It can be little things, like a special pen (I'm partial to Gelly Roll gel pens because I was a student in the 90s) or making a special meal. But keeping up my spirits can be hard, being minded towards optimism can make a big difference.