Friday, August 3, 2018

Baseball Legend

Tonight I went to a baseball game which honored one of my childhood heroes, Bud Harrelson. Bud was a New York Mets player and later coach. He also founded the Long Island Ducks, a minor-league team. He orchestrated the building of a new stadium for the Ducks and promoted them for the past two decades.

Harrelson played for the Mets from 1965 to 1977. That period includes the year the "Amazing Mets" won the World Series (1969). I remember that season vividly. Harrelson was the heart of team.

Today's ceremony was touching. Harrelson was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease two years ago and is losing the ability to remember words. He was surrounded by family and friends at the ceremony but didn't speak. I'm sure he didn't want to embarrass himself by being unable to find words. Despite that, he looked happy. The Ducks retired his number (3) and all players wore the number in Bud's honor. 

I had great seats four rows behind the dugout. The Ducks won the game (9-3) and afterward there was a terrific fireworks show. Pretty good deal for a $13 ticket.


  1. Awww, what a wonderful thing to be a part of and witness <3 Love that all the players wore his number. And $13 for those tickets! AMAZING! Hope you're having a great weekend! XO

  2. Bud was truly one of the great and most loved and memorable Mets from their glory days. Bud, along with Gary Carter, another great Met who left us all too soon, were instrumental in the growth of the Atlantic League. Going to any of the games in that League is a great experience. Those teams are not affiliated with any major league organization and the level of play is just shy of major league level. The ball parks are great and fan friendly and, like you said, you cannot find a better way to spend $13.

  3. Wow, how cool to be part of this history!

  4. WOW!!! That was one cool experience for $13. I LOVE baseball!

  5. I'd not heard of him but what a wonderful occasion to be part of!