Monday, August 13, 2018

It Started With

... a necklace. My last outfit started with a belt; this one began with jewelry.

I was browsing my favorite retail store (Fox's). They sell designer-clothing at discount. I spotted a necklace -- chic, modern. A style I've always wanted. It reminds me of female elegance in the Sixties.

I pair the necklace with a garment I've never worn before. They go well together.

What do you think?


  1. Fabulous styling! A great necklace I can see why you began with it! Love the lack dress with the sheer arms and the vanilla sling backs are the perfect finishing touch !
    I bought my beige silk grommet drsss At foxes.
    Also love that store!

  2. Love the long necklace with that sleek dress. I'm into the chair picture. The outfit looks like you'd be poured over a chair at a glam cocktail hour in the 60s or something.

  3. How elegant! You really won with this one.
    I love the elegant chair pose too. Reminds me of Sheila's stair pose!
    xo Jazzy Jack

  4. Everyone's saying dress, but those are pants, aren't they? They look like swooshy disco pants - I fully approve!

    The necklace is very cool - I like how you've put it on a bolo tie.

    Perfect style of top for you - the cutaway shape at the arms minimizes your shoulders and makes your waist look small. This would be a fabulous top for a full skirt!

    HA! Elle is right - that's very close to my stair pose!

  5. Beautiful outfit! That necklace is fantastic! I actually have a similar one on a shorter chain that I absolutely adore too. I love your makeup as well. :)

  6. Groovy necklace and outfit! I must visit that shop the next time I'm in NY.


  7. I love this- it's fun to build an outfit around an accessory (or a shoe- I do this all the time). And this dress makes your arms look FAB, friend!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  8. I love it, that necklace is so fun and trippy, I love the idea of building an outfit from the accessory out to the outfit instead of the other way around!

  9. The necklace is quite nice but the outfit is spectacular. I love the top but I think it would have been better paired with a knee length bottom.

  10. That's a groovy outfit, Ally. And I knew they were pants too! xxx

  11. The outfit is lovely, as is the necklace but I am totally taken by the sheer sleeves. I just love it! <3