Friday, August 31, 2018

Beautiful Images

I readily admit to being unusual. Despite (outwardly) being a mature man, I regularly dream about life as a teenage girl. And an adult woman. And a female child. All of the above.

Which explains why, when shopping at my local vintage store this week, I bought a 50-year old paint-by-numbers kit. Its appeal lies in the beauty of feminine painted images. They're adorable, don't you think? Which is your favorite?

I plan to display this as a home-decoration. Looking at it makes me smile.


  1. They are adorable.


  2. I love them. Especially the Hawaiian girl :) . SO cute!

  3. Oh, I love these! Hard to choose a favourite but I've whittled them down to Pajama Girl, Mod Girl and Flapper ... xxx

  4. Going with flapper and mod girl here!! I like people who are a little bit unusual. Normal is overrated. This is a wonderful post and I really enjoyed it. Just keep being you.

  5. I LOVE these! When I was a kid, we had a big painting in our house of a sailing ship at sea that was a paint-by-number that my dad had done at some point prior to the 70s. My mom got rid of it when they sold the house - many years later, I'm at a diner downtown (not Floyd's), and there is my Dad's painting on the wall! I tried to buy it, but they wouldn't sell. The signature on it wasn't my dad's, but I still wanted it. Shortly after that the diner closed, the painting lost forever.

    I would have bought this in a heartbeat - I love the Mod Idol and the Mod Girl (with that cat!). You should DO THIS KIT! And then hang the painting beside the box and supplies! Then recreate yourself in the maid outfit for Hallowe'en! Yes? Totally!! I'm so full of good ideas!

    And by the way, this is totally normal to me. This is all MY normal, and is YOUR normal.

    1. OMG, Sheila; that story about your dad's painting is astounding. I'm sorry you couldn't get it back.

      I'm definitely going to try to do the painting. Just worried that the paint may be unusable from age. If it is, I'll go to Michael's and replace it with fresh bottles of the same colors. It'll be a fun project and, of course, I'll display the result on my wall.

  6. Yesss, glad you bought it! You should definitely do all those things that you were denied in your childhood. Love it!

  7. OMGoodness!!!! I couldn't choose only one ... They are spectacular.

  8. They are gorgeous - I like the pyjama girl most.