Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Columbus, Ohio

I rode my motorcycle (the brawny BMW K1600 GTL) to Ohio and Michigan. The goal was to spend time with two of my closest friends, Emma in Columbus and Sara in Detroit. I had marvelous times with both of them. Here's an account of my visit with Emma and her husband Matt (who works at my favorite store, REI).

Emma exposed me to something I'd heard about but never tried -- a Midwestern state fair. It was fascinating. Centered on farming, the Ohio State Fair features farm animals (cows, pigs, chickens) groomed for show. The animals are as beautiful as nature can produce. Their shapes and physical qualities are perfect. The fur on the cows looks like brushed velvet. Emma says the animals' proud owners sleep on cots next to them the whole week of the fair. That doesn't surprise me; you can tell these people's whole lives revolve around the winsome creatures.

The food at the fair was as crazy as I expected. Deep-fried everything (including sticks of butter). One "delicacy" I never heard of is a hamburger between sliced halves of a donut. If you don't believe me, see the picture below. My response to this monstrosity is no, thank you!

I talked Emma into taking her first helicopter ride which was fun. She enjoyed it and I enjoyed watching her experience something for the first time. The flight showed us local landmarks from the air.

Later we had a delicious dinner at a fancy restaurant using locally-sourced ingredients and a Sunday brunch offering the same. This development has become a big trend in the food industry and is good for the environment.

Check out these photos!


  1. I've been in a helicopter once - they have zippy little flights from here to Vancouver. Fun, but REALLY loud.

    Oh, country fairs! I have a love/hate with them. I went to our local one for decades (30+ years), and have many great memories...but over the years it became less fun for me (L had to work at a booth all weekend).

    Looks like you are having a blast, Ally!

    1. You are right about the loudness of helicopters; people rarely expect that. And, yes I am enjoying life!

  2. Gorgeous view from that chopper. Fairs can be a lot of fun---fried everything :)

  3. LOL I'm so glad you got to experience a State Fair! We have a lot of fried food at ours too, but I don't know that we have a burger on a donut! I think I'd pass on that one too. Glad you had a good time!

  4. I don't think we have fairs like this here in Belgium. What a experience, though. The donut burgers sounds pretty vile, but I'm especially intrigued by the deep-fried sticks of butter! The helicopter ride looks amazing! xxx

  5. This is such a great view! I have never been on a helicopter. I woud love to though :)

  6. I grew up in the Midwest, but I never went to such a rural locale , and never to a state fair such as this. Looking at these photos, I regret it. This looks like so much fun. That donut burger is hysterical !
    Gorgeous captures, so glad you enjoyed your friends. That is everything.

  7. Being from Kansas City, I've seen my fair share of a state fair or two. :) A fun but very interesting (and deep fried!) time!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  8. There is a lot to be learned by a visit to many parts of fly over country.

  9. OMG these pictures are incredible! And I'm oddly intrigued by the hamburger in a donut, though also mildly mortified LOL. Sounds like a great time and LOVE that these beloved animals sleep next to cots by their owners the week of the fair <3 LOVE that!

  10. On my bucket list is to go for a helicopter ride ... Been in a 2 seater airplane but never a helicopter.

    LOVE your photos Ally ... Glad you had a good time.

    And ... I don't like the sound of the donut-burger ... I sure do like sweet and salty together but this is not something I would want to try.

  11. How fun! For both you AND Emma!! I've been to county and village fairs up in Yorkshire and Northumberland where there are animal shows like that-they are brilliant!! I have a friend who shows his hens-they are beautiful!