Saturday, July 7, 2018

Another Travel Tip

I was having trouble with street names here because not only are they foreign and unpronounceable but they contain long strings of letters my brain can't grasp. Finally I realized I can get a handle on them by converting the names to similar English words.

Right now I'm drinking tea at a Tim Hortons on Boiled Mayonnaise. The locals call it Boulevard de Maisonneuve.  :-)


  1. I had a good chuckle at that ;-) I'm glad to hear you're not letting the language barrier get in the way of having a great time! xxx

    1. No, I'm not. A minor hurdle easily jumped. Happy I made you laugh.

  2. Ha ha, I do something similar!

  3. Love that, especially since that's exactly what I do!

  4. Ha ha! That's a great tip! I need something similar for China where the symbols make it impossible.

    BTW Boiled Mayonnaise is actually "new house".

    Maison=house Neuve=New.

    I hope you checked out some authentic French bakeries too while in Montreal rather than just Timmies. They are a very Anglo Canadian, but not Quebecois.

  5. French words are usually related to "fancy" versions of English words. So instead of "house", think "mansion" and you get "maison"! You can tease a lot of the meaning out that way.

  6. you are adorable :) sometimes my brain needs to do this, too!

  7. Boiled mayonnaise! Love that! I love, need and use any and all mnemonic devices !