Sunday, July 8, 2018

Another Blogger Meetup

While I was in Montreal, I met Joanna, a blogger I've followed for a few years. It was our first time meeting in person.

Joanna blogs about two passions. The first is her transgender-ism and many technical aspects of the subject. Joanna is an engineer and very intelligent; her understanding of this subject is deep. The second subject she covers on her blog is American politics. That's a little unexpected since Joanna is Canadian but many around the world have been alarmed at U.S. politics since the last election.

We were both a little surprised at how many experiences we had in common from struggling with being transgender. While we are different people, Joanna and I have both faced several of the same situations, ones cis-gender folk never confront. Thus, it was valuable to share our life histories and stories. It isn't always easy to find a path in life when you're different.

Joanna wrote about her take on our meeting here. It was a pleasure to make her acquaintance and I'll see her the next time I head back to Montreal.

P.S., I bought this colorful shirt earlier in the day at a high-end men's store (Boutique Emmanuel). It's created by a Montreal designer (Dominique Leneveu) under the brand Franco Negretti. Expensive but I love it!


  1. Nice write up Ally...see you in Montreal again. I know tons more places to go

  2. How awesome that you had a blogger meet-up in Montreal!

    I'm sure having someone to discuss and understand your shared experiences was comforting.

    It is great when you can visit a city and have a personal guide.

    Love the shirt too!


  3. How lovely that you were able to meet up with Joanna. She seems to be a wonderful and interesting person, and I'm sure it was great to be able to share your experiences. xxx

  4. You are right, your shirt and my dress are very similar. I have to say, based on this one photo, Joanna and you could be sisters.

    1. Wow, what an interesting observation. That never occurred to me. Thanks, Greetje.

  5. Greetje's right, you have the same bright smile as Joanna! I enjoyed her post, as well as this wonderful picture of the two of you. Isn't it amazing, the places blogging takes us?

  6. Love that you get to meet kindred spirits ... Can't wait till the day we meet up!!!

  7. I'm so glad that you were able to meet each other and share your experiences <3 That is so important, and your smiles are matching! Lovely photo (and I love your shirt!)

  8. Finding kindred spirits is a wonderful feeling. Like Sheila, I agree it Is amazing where a blog and an open mind will take us. You even look a bit alike !