Sunday, January 14, 2018

One Hour

I have an outdoorsy friend (Zoe) who's promoting a good idea. She encourages everyone to go outdoors for one hour a day (or as frequently as possible). I like Zoe's suggestion -- being outdoors is healthy and fun. Modern life cloisters us indoors, often in simulated and mediated realities (e.g., television; Internet) which disconnect us from the natural world. Plus, almost everyone in developed societies suffers from Vitamin D deficiency which can be easily remedied by sunlight.

Benefits to our physical health and mental attitude from being outdoors are immediate and dramatic. Today it was a challenge to venture out in 17-degree chill but I was up to the task and walked around the neighborhood with enthusiasm.

Zoe doesn't say anything about wearing bright red sneakers when you go out; they are my idea. After a few moments in the cold, they matched my cheeks.  :-)

How often do you go outdoors?


  1. Great idea! I go outside for about an hour at least every day, most days just from walking to and from work. Unfortunately, at this time of year, that's in the dark both ways! I'm starving for sunshine!

  2. Nope. Sorry, when it is -17 C I'm staying inside. My face does not do well when it is below zero. I get welts that last for days, even when wearing a balaclava!

    I've also learned in the past that walking on the snow and ice can result in falls and at my age, possibly broken bones. We had rain on Friday that turned to ice and is now covered with a fine layer of snow. The perfect conditions to fall.

    Both Zoë (my Zoë ha ha!) and myself really miss our daily walks though. Come spring, summer and fall I'm outside for an hour walk daily which I thoroughly enjoy.


    1. Both sound points. Falls are the biggest cause of injury in old people. (Not that you're old!)

  3. It is good to get outside daily and if you do not you will not feel the pleasure of being out and about.
    It would be even better to take a walk outside while dressed pretty.

  4. I try to go outside during lunch breaks. At least I do when the weather behaves. I don't mind the cold so much, but it has been raining quite a lot here. Not much fun to be outside in the rain. xxx

  5. Awww, I love your sneakers! Fun!!

    I'm trying to get out as often as possible... Having a dog kind of forces me too, even on days when I don't wanna, lol. I'll admit, I don't do it nearly as much during the colder winter months, but it's very important to get that Vitamin D and fresh air!

  6. Great idea and philosophy
    I agree with the idea, we need our vitamin D, and eyes need the light. Love the red sneakers!
    I try to do the same, except when it is brutally cold!

  7. Love the red sneakers ... I do try to get out as much as possible ... as for an hour a day ... Nope I don't think so!!!!

    1. It's an aspirational goal. We merely need to try our best.

  8. It is SO cold here in KC- and no sunshine, so I'm totally hibernating. :)

    Love your red sneakers! So fun!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  9. I think its a great idea.
    I am usually outdoors every single sunday. I am out doing yard work and sometimes running into snakes.

  10. I haven't gotten outdoors much this winter at all - the fireplace beckons me too much when it's cold! When it's not too cold or too hot, I walk my dogs a couple times a week, which helps get me outside. If nothing else, I try to occasionally step out into the backyard barefoot and just stand there for a couple minutes to feel the earth and ground myself; it helps a lot when my mind and emotions are on overload. (But not today when it's snowing!!) The mountains are calling me again, though. It's getting close to time for that Asheville trip!