Saturday, January 6, 2018

A Cold Saturday

Like most of the country, New York was bitterly cold today. To escape the freeze, I ventured into the warmth of a local art museum. I saw a compelling exhibition of Hyperrealism and other illusions. In the pictures below, nothing is what it appears to be.

This is not a person, but a resin sculpture of a woman

This is not a photo of Marilyn Monroe, but a painting.
Even the "tape" and "shadow" are paint.

This is not a security guard, but a resin sculpture of one

A sculpture of the female form

Salvador Dali

These are not chocolates, but a sculpture
mounted on the wall

Titled "Sky Shirt," you can see why

After a minute in the freezing cold,
I turned into a statue

My photo of snow outside the museum


  1. Super photos Ally. Those resins are great.

  2. I love exhibits like this. They really make us reflect on ourselves. A great way to spend a freezing cold day.


    1. Yup -- and you Canadians have a lot of cold days!

  3. What a fabulous exhibition, and a great way to spend a cold Saturday. Thanks for taking us along! xxx

  4. Super cool art show. I miss my monthly trips to the galleries when I was in college.

  5. WOW! What a neat exhibit! The resin sculptures are incredible! I'm amazed those are not real people!

  6. Very cool art. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. These are fascinating!!! I like things like this!

  8. Wow, seems like a fabulous exhibit... its amazing how the eye can deceive you. I need an explanation for each as I would have thought it was different to what you explained.