Saturday, January 20, 2018

More Girl Colors

I'm exploring more colors previously unworn by me (and most other men who aren't married to Sheila, Suzanne or Megan). This top from a thrift-store (only $1) has an interesting hue and my favorite feature -- a pussy-bow!

Have you ever worn this color? Or a sequined skirt?


  1. Nice look! Your top is of my favorite color! i always buy everything I find in that shade (sadly I don't see it often enough)

  2. You put together a great outfit. It all works well with you. Good move to augment the skirt and top with black hose and heels.

  3. What a fun look! And that top was a steal for only $1!!!

    Hope you’re having a great weekend—keep sparkling!

  4. Love teal combined with sparkles! This would have been perfect for New Year's Eve!

    I never find stuff that cheap in the thrift stores up here.


  5. I HAVE indeed worn this colour AND a sequin skirt. My sequin skirt is pretty much this colour! I adore this combination of garments. They work so well. Also pussy bow blouses are v cool! You look very opulent!

  6. This colour (of sequin skirt) being the colour of the blouse!

  7. I love a pussy bow blouse, and teal is one of my favourite colours, so full marks from me, especially with the addition of the sparkly skirt! You're looking very glamorous in this outfit, Ally! xxx

  8. Oh cute color- and I love that skirt. You can wear it with so much.


  9. That's the kind of color that turns heads! Reminds me of a mix between Miami Dolphins aqua and Jacksonville Jaguars teal. I have a dress shirt about three shades darker than that ...

  10. Wow, I love a blouse with bow. I love the way you have styled it with that sparkly skirt <3 Happy Monday <3
    New post-

  11. Stopping in to spread some <3 and hope you had a lovely weekend, my sweet!


  12. Fabulous find at the thrift store Ally ! I would have bought it too.

  13. Like this outfit a lot! I've been shifting away from wearing a lot of color clothing-wise - this way I can really go crazy on colorful makeup!

  14. That's Miami Dolphins aqua (and yes, L has a shirt in this colour!). I've definitely owned that colour, and I have a couple of pussy-bow blouses in my wardrobe, along with a sequined skirt.

    Love this! I feel like the blouse needs some sort of completer piece, like a blazer or a vest - it definitely needs to be tucked in. Gawd, you have the best legs!!

  15. Love that shade of turquoise.

    And lucky you - all colors are open to you now. Glad you are getting the chance to play and have fun with it

  16. Jealous of your sequin skirt!
    I have a coat in a darker hue than your shirt and really like it, I think that tone just complements everyone. Keep on having fun playing with new colours!

    Almost Stylish

  17. Awesome color--I've always loved it.
    No sequin skirts for me, but I have word a glitzy top now and then. :-)

  18. How do I feel about this outfit? Well I love, love, love it!! I do love the blouse and the color, and the fabulous luxurious vibe from the skirt. A brilliant combination. It totally suits you.

  19. You are looking good, and you are carrying this out very nicely.

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