Sunday, September 10, 2017

Livin' Large

It's inspiring to see humans travel over 200 mph on a motorcycle. And watch them lean so deeply into curves that their knees scrape the road. It's inspiring to see people face and meet a Herculean challenge. That's why I went to the racetrack this weekend.

I saw Superbike racing displaying the best riders in the country. The experience is palpable as engines roar like beasts and bikes zoom by in a blur. It was a wonderful trip with beautiful weather and good company.

I was joined by Charlie, an old family-friend who rides a Honda Valkyrie. Charlie is full of stories and humor, the perfect travel-companion. We rode five hours to southern New Jersey to reach the track.

Days like today are not only fun, they make me want to become a better rider.

P.S., I actually took the first picture above. Isn't it amazing? One of my best ever, I think.


  1. That picture is awesome!!!! That rly does look like a super fun day :)
    I'm horrible at balance, but I can ride on the back!!!

  2. My word, that just looks so scary and I'm always afraid they will just fall over! :-D
    Great photos!

    Almost Stylish

    1. Thanks. It is scary but their skill protects them.

  3. It is always so exciting to see someone ride like that.

    The photo is fantastic! Great way to spend a day.


  4. These are spectacular! I can't believe how close to the ground they get- they are practically touching tarmac!!

  5. It is so funny how we are wired! I can understand that would be thrilling, but to me, I would be way too worried!
    It does defy gravity, almost, these shots, and they're magnificent photos, they really do convey the high speeds and angles!

    Eeeek !

  6. That is a great pic!! And so neat to see how low these motorcyclists get to the ground--It's crazy that their knees scrape the track! Where in South Jersey was this? Sounds like you had a great time (and perfect weather for a ride)!!

  7. Great pics, I am too scared to ride a motorbike instead, I love to watch them but can't seem to learn even to sit on one of those! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion & beauty blog

  8. I think that I understand most physic concepts and surly am familiar with the concept of centrifugal force but with so little rubber holding the road at such high speeds I just do not know how they keep from sliding out.

  9. Oh wow I can not believe how low to the ground they get. Wowzie, and yes excellent photos. I bet you had a good time. I did something the total opposite this weekend and went to shows for FW hahahha

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  10. Glad you had an awesome day. Your photo is beautiful ... perhaps you should print it and frame it for your office!!!

  11. Such great pictures - you should totally print and frame that top one. I love how you tweaked it.

  12. Wow! What a blast. I imagine it makes one feel very alive