Monday, September 18, 2017


Ripe acorns, when they leave home, fall and hit the skin of camping tents. Plummeting onto that taut surface, acorns sound exactly like drumbeats. Sitting in my tent this weekend, I was treated to a percussion concert, conducted by the wind. It was rapturous.

Motorcycle-camping is, I discovered, fun. Arduous but fun. There's less comfort but you adjust to the hardships and even take pride in the effort. Making a cup of tea in the morning isn't flipping a switch; it's a 15-minute ordeal that starts with building a fire from scratch. Drinking that tea is satisfying because of the effort required.

Being in woods, especially at night, is calming. Quiet is punctuated only by sounds of nature (e.g., the splash of a jumping frog). Civilization's noises are conspicuously absent. I liked the quiet. After this positive experience I'm going to incorporate camping into my future motorcycle-travels on a regular basis.

There is, of course, a learning curve. An experienced camper advised me to bring tiger-repellant in case of an attack, but I spotted no wildcats. I guess, as Pee-wee Herman famously said, "there are some things they don't teach you in school."


  1. This looks like an adventure. I love camping. Love the taste of tea made over an open fire. Or anything cooked on an open fire, for that matter. And sipping wine beside the fire at night while the sparks fly up into the darkness. Sigh.

  2. "As Pee Wee Herman taught...hahah!!!"
    I could only imagine how peaceful it was at night - and the ride alone to get there. Absolutely beautiful. I'm glad you weren't attacked by any..ummm..tigers ;)

  3. You win for mentioning Pee Wee Herman. I loved his show. Hahaha! Seriously though, good for you going on this adventure! I'm glad you had a chance to do it!

  4. What a fun experience this must have been!! And I agree that making your own tea from a fire you built from scratch must be incredibly satisfying :) ha@ pee wee Herman!! Xo

  5. I also adore the quiet of the country. Although it all sounds dreamy I'm still a bit of a glamping gal rather than camping. I can become Hangry if I'm not fed in time. Also I remember having to put our food up really high in a tree to avoid the bears. I'd rather see the bears from a distance than up close.


  6. The pictures are beautiful and that bike is a well packed beauty.

  7. That is amazing. I love it. We have great places to camp around the Asheville area, as well.

  8. What a perfect little spot, and good you could enjoy the drumming concert! :-)

    Almost Stylish

  9. What an awesome adventure! This is the perfect time of year for activities like this :) Such a beautiful area, too!

  10. Glad you had a nice time! It does seem like a tougher way to camp, but a nice experience. :)


  11. OH my heart is so happy that it was a good time! The weather cooperated! Such a beautiful place out there!

  12. What a wonderful adventure you're having! Your camping place looks so invitingly peaceful, apart from the falling acorns ... xxx

  13. That tent is tooooo small! Claustrophobia setting in.....
    I know all about flapping, we have an awning on out holiday house that requires constant wind monitoring.
    Ahh the peace and quiet after the roaring motorbike engine 😉 So glad it was a great time. Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. The tent is actually large for my purposes. It's a two-man tent that can fit both me and my gear inside.