Friday, April 14, 2017

Montblanc Meisterstück Blue Hour LeGrand Pen

I got it! And thank you -- your encouragement bolstered my confidence and let me pull the trigger.

Such a big expense caused me hesitation; I can hear my middle-class parents bellowing in my head with criticism. I overruled those voices with well-reasoned argument.

The pen is beautiful. In person, it refracts light making its metallic blue look magical. Plus it's as hefty as a lethal weapon.

I purchased the pen this morning during a visit to one of the few remaining pen-stores in America. Located in Lower Manhattan, the store has survived since 1946. Afterward, I walked to my favorite restaurant in the City (Russ & Daughters Cafe) for a celebratory lunch of caviar and herring.

Admiring the smart collection of liquor there, I spoke to the bartender and he talked me into trying something unexpected: Scotch whiskey from... Japan. Yes, Japan! Yamazaki Whisky (they spell it the way the Scots do) has won many awards. It's very good, smooth and fruity. The bartender liked me and gave me a full glass for free. When I returned home, I discovered a bottle costs $219. Nice guy!

Here are some pics...


  1. Ooohhh, your pen is wonderful!!! I love its hue! I have a beautiful pen and case made by Cross which is a nice pen brand and it was a leaving present from the violin-restorers I used to work with at the Royal Academy of Music and I still feel very special when I use it 11 years later.

  2. Congrats on the new writing utensil! Fabulous! And how cool to get free Japanese scotch ( I never imagined such a thing, and that goes to show you) with a sumptuous meal of caviar and herring . Use that pen well!
    xx, Elle

  3. What a beautiful pen. One of the few things I justify as a worthwhile expense - nice shoes, good food, and nice pens (I have stooped to labeling mine when I worked in an office because people would take off with my pens)

    1. I plan to carry a Taser around with me in case anyone tries to steal my pen. :-)

  4. It is GORGEOUS <3 I'm so glad you splurged--you absolutely deserve it. Like my father always says (and I'm sure I've said it here before): "Use it in good health." :) XOXO

  5. Love that you spoiled yourself with something that makes you so happy. Enjoy every inch of it!!!