Friday, December 16, 2016

Fun! Fun! Fun!

My recent fashion experiments have been... boring. They lacked pizzazz. Panache. The playful brio I aim for. I decided to fix that.

This outfit started with a blazer made by Nine West which I picked up at a thrift-store for $9. It's striking design appeals to me. It's vibrant and fun, like me.

The blazer inspired me to pull out my favorite leggings which were last seen here five years ago. I added a white body-suit and new sunnies from a vintage store.

Isn't this a fun look?!


  1. This is hands down my favorite outfit you've ever worn. I'm biased , but black and white and nine west AND thrifted? Score. 10/10

  2. Cute outfit. But the glasses are fierce!

  3. You are adorable :) I love everything about this look--especially the sunnies!!!

  4. This is a super fun look. LOVE the SuperStar shades!


  5. I would totally wear this since I am freak about loving black and white. I even thought how great that blazer would be with pleather or real leather pants. Sooooo chic.

  6. I really liek this! That blazer is so fun and your legs look amazing in those leggings!!!
    P.S. I was happy to see the Italian word Brio in there- vigour!

  7. IT IS! it is fun , and festive and you! Great prices too. I love the ikat blazer, and your leggings so hot! Fab shoes, too!
    xx, Elle

  8. Let's go out and PARTY!!!! You look awesome in this outfit Ally ... every part is just perfect! Lynn

  9. The epitome of fun! Those leggings are pretty dang fabulous.

  10. you look and pass fantastically well!

    1. Thanks -- but I don't worry about passing. I am who I am and other people's opinions on whether I'm convincingly female don't matter. Sometimes when I present as female I look good; other times I don't. I used to worry about it but not any more. People who like me accept my presentation whether it's convincing or not; they see the real me struggling with the baggage of a half-century of having to present as male.

  11. It's something I would wear.
    xx Bing.