Wednesday, December 14, 2016

And So It Begins...

The holidays are here!

It's been over 25 years since I had a real Christmas tree. I went shopping yesterday for an artificial one. While at the store, I decided to look at real trees. Once I got a whiff of their pine scent, I was hopelessly hooked.

The experience of carrying the tree on the roof of my car brought back memories -- but I don't remember the process being so physical. When I last did this in the 1980's, my muscles didn't ache the next day.

Are you putting up a tree this year? Real or artificial?

Oh, and that's not a motorcycle helmet in the back of the photo -- it's my new coffee-maker shaped like a motorcycle helmet!


  1. Kudos to you for going with a real tree! I think it has probably been that long since we had a real tree as well. The last time was when we lived in Quebec and we had to walk home carrying it. We couldn't afford the insurance on the car that winter. Good thing we didn't live too far away!

    I adore that smell too. I bet your house smells like Christmas now.

    Not much Christmas decorating going on here as the husband is away. I *may* do the mantel for the week he is home. That is enough for me this year. I can't be bothered when it is just me.


  2. I can't decorate with the Vizzini-monster around, so it's been 5 years since I put up my trees. I have trees at work so I don't miss 'em too much. And I do love my little monster...

    My mom always does a real tree - I love that smell.

  3. Your tree is beautiful!!! My parents always had a real one and you're right--the scent really is unlike anything else. Always makes the home instantly FESTIVE. But my parents are weird and get their tree on or around 12/14 and then they keep it up way past Valentine's Day. I know, it doesn't make sense to me either, lol.

    We put ours up recently and it makes me happy to look at... something about the tradition of hanging up the ornaments and taking them all out of the boxes again :)

    Love your motorcycle helmet coffee maker!

  4. Yay for real trees! My parents always got them while I was growing up and the scent is truly amazing. My husband and I have a huge fake white tree and while I miss the smell of real trees, fake trees are slightly less messy to deal with overall. Either way trees are so festive. Be sure to show us pics when it's decorated!

  5. I'm strongly inclined, after years of artificial, to buy a real Christmas tree this year. As you say, the smell is wonderful. I don't like the shedding of the needles everywhere so much, but I have been told that the Christmas trees of today don't shed like the used too...I guess I'll find out at the weekend when we go to buy it!

  6. Mine are always real - I love the first morning after its put up. When we walk out of the room the entire house smells like Christmas.

  7. Oh that is a great coffee maker hee hee. Real tree going up. Oh yeah I notice things ache that never ached before especially getting up in the AM, what gives? Getting old er older sucks.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  8. I love the smell of a real Christmas tree as well. So many fond memories. I won't be putting up a Christmas tree this year, as we'll be at my parents' home. They are now putting up an artificial tree, thanks to their big black lab drinking all the water out of the stand and then drying the poor tree out. Haha. Oh well! And I love that coffee maker!

  9. In South Africa I have never seen a real tree inside a house ... we have a small artificial one which my Mom decorates.

    Love your helmet coffee maker.

  10. I have artificial tree but always buy a brunch of the real tree - for the way it smells!

  11. Nice tree Ally. We had a real tree the first year my eldest daughter was born but for practical reasons we've always had an artificial one ever since. Next year we are going to get a real one again though, especially after reading your post.

    I look forward to seeing your tree decorated Ally, do you decorate your tree? Are you good at it?

    I always decorate our tree and love adorning it with Xmas lights and vast amounts of tinsel.

    1. Yes, I always decorate the tree. Have lots of ornaments, many of sentimental value.

  12. We always go the artificial route. The hubs has a pine allergy plus I grew up with artificial trees. I only remember one real one when I lived with my aunt and uncle. We picked one that had the roots so that we could plant it after Christmas. Alas, the poor thing didn't make it...