Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Western Ally

I'm an East Coast gal. Born in New York, educated in Boston and residing on Long Island. I've travelled up and down the East Coast from Nova Scotia to the Caribbean. During my travels, however, I've rarely headed west.

As  a result, I have little familiarity with Western culture and clothing. I've never worn any cowboy/cowgirl gear. But as I wandered down fashionable Newbury Street in Boston this weekend, I stumbled onto an adorable boutique. The sign outside said "Rock 'n Roll Cowboy Clothes." I had to check out what they have inside. Wow!

The sales-person was very friendly and the merchandise adorable. There was lots of stuff I 've never worn (like cowboy boots) and I was so into the friendly vibe, I picked out a shirt and took it home. (Wearing it below.) The store is owned by an older couple and is their only location. Most of their wares are made by them.

The shirt is 100% cotton, with real pockets and good-quality buttons (actually snaps).

What do you think? Is there such a thing as a New York cowboy?! Or cowgirl? (I believe the shirt is gender-neutral so it could probably be worn in either gender-presentation.)

Have you ever worn Western garb?


  1. Oh, that shirt is so nice and I love the fact they make their own clothes. I have only worn lumberjack shirts so far, no real cowgirl clothing!


  2. Stetson? Where's the stetson? That amazing shirt needs a stetson!
    And yes, totally gender neutral so win-win. The nearest I got to cowgirl is plaid and plaits as a 10 year old! I don't think it's a look for me now!


  3. Ooh, I went through a full cowgirl phase some years ago - I love this shirt! I see these all the time in the thrift/vintage stores, especially with a lot of embroidery on them. I do have real Texan cowboy boots! Red ones!

  4. I LOVE some western wear!!! Good ol Ralph Lauren consistently shows a bit of it in most of his collections. It's as Americana as you can get!!
    OK now you absolutely must check out the boots!!! The really beautiful ones can cost an arm and a leg but the colors and intricate embroidered details are amazing!
    Your shirt is a classic Ally. I love the cool pockets ND all the white piping. You look wonderful in black too!

  5. Having lived in Alberta (ever heard of the famous Calgary Stampede?) for about 15 years I could be considered a Western gal at heart. I used to own at least three pairs of cowboy boots and have worn my fair share of plaid, jeans, jean jackets and yes, even cowboy hats.

    I love the shirt! The fact that it is made by them in the US is even better.


  6. My first pair of boots were cowgirl boots and I LOVED them! That shirt is so versatile ... you can dress it up and dress it down. I agree about the Stetson!!!

  7. I'd love to see a post with this shirt accesorised femininely with makeup, hair, and heels, and then masculinely with bandanna, boots and stetson. Would be a cool experiment. I bet it looks great both ways!
    Xo Jazzy Jack PS Thanks so much for all your encouragement lately. You're the best!

    1. That's a good idea. I did it once before with a single item, styled both ways. It was a fun creative exercise.

  8. Giddyup, cowgirl!! Despite growing up in the south, I've never worn boots or any Western gear!

  9. I have to admit I am not the slightest on the western / cowboy trend but this shirt I'd wear.

  10. I love your shirt! The details on the pockets are so fun. And there could totally be a New York cowboy/girl! :) I have not worn Western style clothing in a long time...but I did have quite few cowboy boots and shirts and hats in my day. My family had a farm with horses and wearing cowboy boots, etc. comes with the territory. :)

  11. Looking good, Ally! I lived in Calgary, and there is a special season for wearing cowboy/girl related outfit: Stampede! And yes, I was totally into it, hat, boots and all.

  12. That's gorgeous and I do think its totally gender neutral. You're adorable honey

  13. Awesome shirt, Ally. Eye-catching B&W seem even more bold and fantastic when rendered in Western wear style. Fantastic addition to your closet.

    ♥ Jessica

  14. My Andy has a hankering for a western shirt and my step dad had two for Christmas, they were rather spiffy. I have what is described as a western shirt, though it looks nothing like your typical example of this style, it's red with white polka dots for a start! Must be the snap fastenings! I used to have cowboy boots in my teens :)

  15. Other than my Frye studded cowboy boots, I no not own any western inspired clothing,and it is not my favorite style. BUT, you look fabulous in this, so kudos to you for trying something new!
    xx, Elle

  16. Awesome shirt. Tennessee and Kentucky are a bit 'high class cowboy'. With our walking horses and Kentucky derby. You won't find a good quality pair of cowboy boots in a thrift store here, they're too well loved.

    I think it's super cool that you found a unique boutique. Locally made stuff is the best.

  17. Vintage pearl snaps and vintage cowboy boots used to be the go-to outfit for me and many other young hipsters in the south. I had many many pearl snaps but never one as pretty as that one! I've always wanted a classic black shirt with white piping like that one but my boobs just won't allow me to wear any blouse that buttons. POO!

  18. Great look! I'm not much on western clothing but I have always wanted a pair of vegan cowboy boots (I wonder if such a thing exists?). This shirt looks great on you!